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Create Lip Balm Brand

Idea #4 - Create your own private label lip balm brand.

Perhaps one of the best ways to make the most amount of money in this industry is to create your own private label lip balm.  Brands such as Burts Bees and Chapstick makes hundreds of millions of   dollars a year peddling their branded lip balm.  The previous owners of Burts Bees as an example just sold the brand to the clorox company for over $900 million and that was a brand started by self acclaimed hippie and beekeeper.  The cold hard facts are that the most potential for huge profits lie in creating your own lip balm brand.  After all, how could you take a product that you buy   for $.28 per unit or less and sell it retail for $3.49 or more.  The potential for profit is simply mind boggling.  Now I will admit, this is a proposition that takes a massive amount of dedication and a bit of creativity, but if you can come up with a unique concept and use our great lip balm. The sky is the   limit as to how much money you could walk away with.  Who knows, you could be the next Burts Bees selling your company for over $900 million.  For more information go to our custom lip balm section.                        


Quick tip: 

If you are thinking of starting your own lip balm line, you might also consider your own massage care line.  It just so happens we are also one of the nations largest suppliers of wholesale massage lotion and bulk unscented massage cream.  As a huge supplier to the massage therapy industry, we offer custom massage products as well.  After all, we aren't just a wholesale lip balm company.