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Become Lip Balm Supplier

Idea #1 Become a Private label lip balm supplier

Custom lip balm is a great way to make money. With the economy the way it is, there are very few sure fire ways to make a good living. Most business are hurting and it is because of the lack of business funding. That leaves the need to create a business plan that is both viable and relatively cheap to start. Our answer to that, create a website that offers custom lip balm services. We currently have dozens of customers that market themselves as competitors of ours online. Because of our unbelievable pricing, customers can start their own business by buying lip balm off us in bulk and marketing custom chapstick to other customers.

These customers can include:

1. Customers looking to start their own lip balm line

2. Customers looking to give away a free lip balm with purchase of another item.

3. People looking to give away lip balm at their wedding, graduation, confirmation, party etc.

Regardless of the case, our prices allow you to create your own private label lip balm website and make a great living selling something that people love. It is a business that is both rewarding and profitable and is very inexpensive to start. With a little bit of web design experience and a few hundred dollars in inventory, you could be up and running quickly making more money than you ever thought possible. For more information go to our wholesale lip balm page.

Also, please remember to check out our unscented lotion base, soap base, bulk shampoo base and other great unscented bases. The bulk soap making market is are largest customer and we sell the finest unscented bases money could buy at prices you never thought possible. For more wholesale lotion base information go to our lotion base page.

We also sell more unscented massage lotion wholesale than most other suppliers in the country and have unbelievable cheap massage cream. It is the same quality as the big massage brands at a fraction of the price.