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Grapeseed Oil

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Product Description

Pure Food Grade Grape Seed Oil

We are a massive end user and distributor of bulk grape seed / grapeseed oil. Because of our volumes we are able to offer the best wholesale grapeseed oil prices of any other supplier online.

Grape Seed Oil

A natural by-product of winemaking, it is obtained through pressing the seeds of grapes.


The Benefits and Uses Grape Seed Oil


As a Natural Health Supplement

Grape seeds are packed with Vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (furthermore referred to as OPCs). These OPCs have been shown, in several studies, to reduce the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency; that is the pooling of blood in the legs causing visible veins, pain, swelling and fatigue. Naturally cholesterol free, there is a possibility that grape seed oil can help promote “good” (HDL) cholesterol and lower the “bad” (LDL). Although studies on the benefits of grapes tend to focus on the “French Paradox” and whether France’s lower heart disease rate is due to the alcohol in red wine, or the flavonoids.


For Health Vitality

Produced by cold-pressing grape seeds, it contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and antioxidants. The OPCs are however the most impressive benefit. Thought to be much more powerful than vitamins E or C, these OPCs are more concentrated in the seeds of red and black grapes.

Thanks to its ability to help preserve the natural flavors found in other foods, cook at high temperatures without smoking, burning or splattering, grape seed oil has been a staple for chefs. Try replacing your traditional cooking oil used for frying, baking, or sautéing with this versatile product.


For Hair and Skin Care

Looking for a hair moisturizer that doesn’t leave your style weighed down and feeling greasy? Grape seed oil is a light, penetrating conditioner that will moisturize without leaving an oily residue. Excellent for naturally thick and coarse, as well as fine and dense, this product can be useful to almost anyone. Blow-drying damages hair follicles, grape seed oil’s natural resistivity to heat not only benefits in cooking, but will protect your hair from the harshness of your blow-dryer.

Suffer from shiny, oily looking skin? Grape seed oil, when applied properly, can help regulate your skin’s natural oil production. Mix with tea tree oil and dab on problem acne spots with a cotton swab. Put a few drops on a cotton ball for a safe and effective eye makeup remover that conditions lashes as well as you eyelashes. Try as massage oil that is compatible with all skin types and makes a great carrier for essential oils to add an aroma therapeutic effect.


Soap Making

For soap making, nothing else compares and it should be incorporated in every batch made. Almost completely odorless, very light and easily absorbed into the skin, grape seed oil also has mild astringent properties that tighten skin and help those who suffer with acne or other skin problems. Containing palmitic, palmitoleic, searic, oleic, linoleic, alpha linolenic, icosanoic, icosenoic and docosanoic fatty acids, choosing it for your soaps is an obvious choice. It will add to the softness of your bar and enrich its lather. These amazing properties also mean a lesser shelf life, so make sure you use sparingly or enhance the shelf life of the bar by adding oil with a longer shelf life.


Lowest Prices

While grape seed oil can be found in many retailers and drug/health food stores, their prices have been inflated to cover the costs of distribution (bottling, storing, shipping, labor, etc.). We offer the lowest prices directly to the consumer. Not only will you save money on a pure and natural product that can be used in many ways, you feel good knowing you are making less of an impact on the environment by cutting out the middle-man.


The History of Grape Seed Oil

The grape was first cultivated sometime between 8,000 and 8,500 years ago in the Neolithic era. Despite what you may think, it wasn’t originally native to Sicily, southern Italy, Spain and France. Instead the Greeks and Phoenicians, from the area that is now modern day Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, brought it from these areas as it spread also throughout the Middle East. It was the Roman Empire that then spread the grapevine throughout Europe. After the fall of the Romans, wine making became entrenched in monasteries and other social customs. While around for millennia, the oils were not extracted until the 20th century due to the lower percentage of it's oil as compared to other seeds or nuts used for their oils.


Bulk Apothecary is a bulk supplier of wholesale grape oil, grape seed oil and grapeseed oil. All three terms are interchangeable in the industry. This oil is used universally in the food and cosmetic industries. One of the noticeable characteristics of Grape seed oil is its unique green appearance, mild odor and taste. The benefit of Grape Seed oil is it's high smoke point and high concentration of Oleic and Linoleic essential fatty acids. Bulk Apothecary is a wholesale supplier of bulk grape seed oil otherwise known as bulk grape oil and bulk grape seed oil. The high smoke point in particular makes grape seed oil great for frying and other culinary applications. Furthermore, its mild flavor makes bulk grape seed oil great it's ability to not interfere with the foods flavors. The high level of essential fatty acids makes our wholesale grape seed oil great for all types of personal care products and cosmetics. It is a natural moisturizer, and is found in countless products including but not limited to lip balms, soaps and lotions. It's amazing ability to absorb, also makes it a great all-natural massage oil.



There are 14 review(s) for this product

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  • Fabulous!

    by Daniela – 9th Feb 2014

    I used oil for a massage oil I created. Works fantastic ! Great quality!

  • Excellent quality product

    by John RPh (ret) – 2nd Jul 2013

    As one of the first ever compounding pharmacists, I would equivocate the quality of Apothecary's grapeseed oil to any professional product currently made.

  • Best grapeseed oil on the market

    by Cheryl Egert – 29th Jun 2013

    I have bought this product elsewhere and the results have not been pleasant - odor or clarity.. I started buying it here and will never go anywhere else. I use it for infusions and the clarity stays true, there is no odor and the quality mixes well with essential oils. I am very pleased with this product. WELL DONE!

  • Love It

    by Lorrie – 27th Jun 2013

    My son has a hard time sleeping so I give him back massages on occasion to get to sleep. That grapeseed oil worked great! He was out like a light.


    by Your Name – 19th Jun 2013

    This is good product, I was surprised at the size of the bottle, Its a big bottle and the price is very low for the amount of oil that is in this bottle. This oil will last me a long time, all I need is a little bit to use in soaps and other things, I will order my oils from here for now on.

  • In a few words, please title your review

    by SA – 19th Jun 2013

    VERY happy with this product. I bought the 8LB container. I haven't worked with Grapeseed oil before but i needed to change up the oils I was using and this one works beautifully. Very light weight, very light scent. I'll be back for more.

  • Infused Salad Oil

    by Gabrielle – 9th Jun 2013

    I am using this oil in conjuction with extra virgin olive oil to create my own lemon and mandarin infused salad oils. This oil is excellent as it softens the taste of the olive oil and adds stability to the salad oil once infused with the fruit oils.

  • Sugar Scrub

    by Annmarie – 29th May 2013

    Perfect texture for making sugar scrub. Love it!

  • Grapeseed oil in Soap

    by Sara Reeves – 28th May 2013

    I recently bought this to make homemade soap. It work perfectly. I will definitely be buying this again.

  • Good Product at a Good Price

    by Bodyworks Massage – 24th May 2013

    This is a light oil that is great for multipurpose massage work. It absorbs quickly, so the client doesn't leave looking like an oil spill, and it launders from linens well too. I use this at home for my after bath moisturizer as well...

    I highly recommend.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 14 | Next »