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Citric Acid

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Buy Food Grade Citric Acid

At Bulk Apothecary we offer 99.9% pure food grade citric acid that can be used in a wide range of applications. We manufacture and sell directly to the customer, so we can offer some of the best prices available on bulk supplies.

Uses of Citric Acid

Citric acid is a natural preservative that exists in many different fruits, vegetables and other products. It can also serve as a ph adjuster, which makes it a great ingredient for personal care products, food coloring, and many other solutions.

Many products in the food and beverage industry also use citric acid to add to a sour taste. It is a common ingredient that chefs will use in many dishes, including an emulsifier for ice creams, ripening agents for mozzarella cheese, and much more. Home brewers have also been buying bulk citric acid for many years to modify their water when making beer or other beverages.

Of course, citric acid is also used outside the food and personal care industries. It is actually a common additive for concrete to slow settling time, making it easier to work with and manipulate before it sets up.

Wholesale Citric Acid

Finding where to buy citric acid in bulk is the first step to saving money while guaranteeing you get the quality ingredients you need. There are countless uses for these products, and at Bulk Apothecary we make it easy to place your order and save even more money on bulk purchases. Whether you’re buying a single pound or working with major shipments, we can make sure you get everything you need. Place your order today and get the best quality at the best prices.

Bulk apothecary is where to buy citric acid, aromatherapy essential oils and hundreds of other great soap making items. We are experts in what we do and will offer you the guidance needed to ensure you have the right product for your needs. If you have any questions, simply call our 800 line and one of our courteous customer service reps can help answer all your questions.

So what is citric acid? Web definition for Citric Acid according to wikipedia.

Please also keep in mind that we are always adding new items so check back soon if you don't find what your looking for. We try to add at least a few new items each week.

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  1. great for dishwasher rinse cycle

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jul 2014

    I use this for the rinse cycle on the dishwasher, after the soap has done its job. The citric acid gets all of my dishes spotlessly clean. No filmy residue. No spots on my glasses. It's fantastic and it's a natural product so I don't have to worry about my dishes being coated in chemicals.

  2. Citric Acid for cookware cleaning and antiseptic

    Posted by Kathy on 9th Aug 2013

    I love this stuff! I have a large hibachi cooktop in a kitchen island. A little acid and water easily removes the fog left behind after cooking meats. Also cleans copper bottomed pots with ease. I also use it with a pinch of salt in water as a gargle to kill sore throat germs before they can attach to the throat deeply. As soon as you feel a sore throat coming on, sip or gargle salty citric acid water over ice to kill germs and stop the sore throat from happening! Doctor told me about this and it works like a charm.

  3. I love the price and results

    Posted by Laura on 24th Jun 2013

    The quality of your product is unparallel to any I have tried before. I will continue to recommend your product to my fellow soap makers.

  4. Hey,Moe1 Hey, Larry! It Woiks! It Woiks!

    Posted by Mike Moinahan on 22nd Jun 2013

    Got to descale the coffee maker. It descaled it. Coffee tastes a lot better now. Can't ask for any more than that!

  5. I had no idea!

    Posted by Shawna W on 8th May 2013

    I bought Citric Acid originally so I could add bath bombs to my bath and body products repertoire. I had no idea it had so many other wonderful uses. I saw a homemade recipe for dishwasher detergent using Citric Acid so I googled it trying to find it again after receiving my order. What I found was an article by a name brand dishwasher company recommending it's use as a descaler. I used it in my dishwasher (filled the detergent and rinse cups) and ran a normal cycle, which I had to do four times to get all the buildup of (we have extremely hard water, even with our water softener. Our dishwasher had been making a lot of noise and my husband had told me we should have someone come out to take a look. I am so glad I tried the citric acid first because apparently that was the problem. I then used it to descale my Keurig which I was having to clean with vinegar about once a week because it would literally stop working unless I did. Now I am moving on to our humidifier and have been thinking about going to my parents to descale their dishwashers while they are on vacation.. I love it, I think I am addicted to Citric Acid and may have a descaling addiction. Forget bath bombs!

  6. Best Value

    Posted by macattack on 8th May 2013

    I found this 50 pound bag to be the most economical way to purchase. Since we use it in various ways to battle hard water, I prefer to have a quantity on hand. The 50 pounder comes double bagged; the outer bag being a tough paper, like a feed sack, and the inner one is a fairly strong clear plastic. I purchased a 5 gallon bucket with lid to store it, but unfortunately it overfilled my new bucket. The only problem I had was the product was "clumpy", which made it difficult to pour; I assume this is from humidity. If I had to do over, I would have dropped the entire bag on concrete repeatedly before tearing open the outer wrapper to break up the big chunks. Shipping was fast, as was response to my questions.

  7. Bath Bombs were the bomb!

    Posted by Tiffany on 28th Apr 2013

    Worked beautifully in my bath bomb mixture! Affordable too!

  8. citric acid fan

    Posted by Sierra on 9th Apr 2013

    I use citric acid for everything: it rinses dishes, cleans rust off metal, makes my hair shiny and soft after I wash it in baking soda, it gets that slimy feeling out of the dog dishes (their saliva actually has harmful pathogens so I like getting them really clean), gets rust out of the sink drain...I add a little to the laundry. It sanitizes my cutting board without using bleach. The price is great because I use a lot.

  9. dishwasher cleaner and punch!

    Posted by S. Saunders on 16th Mar 2013

    Great price, and quick shipping! I'm excited to get this to add to the dishwasher cleaning. I also make a good punch "Lemon Water" with it.

  10. Citric Acid for bathbombs

    Posted by Monica on 18th Feb 2013

    Absolutely great item. Use it in my bathbombs and it works great ! I also like the price of course, and the fast order processing from Bulk Apothecary !

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