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Palm Oil

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Product Description

Pure Palm Oil

Known as the single largest natural source of tocotrienol, which is part of the Vitamin E family. Palm oil is widely used in health and commercial cooking and is one of the most popular oils in cold and hot process soap making because it produces a big, fluffy lather.  As a massive supplier of bulk palm oil to the food industry, we have some of the best prices in the USA.  We currently have the capacity to supply orders of any size, including full truckloads, rail cars and tank trucks. 

Bulk Palm Oil Wholesale

Although naturally red in color, our palm oil is refined which makes it white in appearance.  Palm oil comes from the fruit of the oil palm. It has an extremely high beta-carotine content (which is why it is red before refinement and not the traditional yellow color of other oils). Traditionally, it is known as cooking oil, but it is also used in the production of soap and various other bath and body products.

History of Palm Oil

The story of Palm Oil’s use dates back over 5,000 years where it was found in an early tomb at Abydos (one of Upper Egypt’s most ancient burial sites). The large amount discovered in the tomb suggests that it was probably intended for use as food. While ancient Egyptians remain somewhat enigmatic, we do know that they believed in an afterlife in which they were able to bring with them, material possessions from this life. Obviously palm oil was considered a valuable commodity, perhaps even necessary for good health, to ancient Egyptian royalty.

During the British Industrial Revolution it was used for candle making and as a lubricant for machinery. Forward thinking William Lever (of Lever Brothers, later called Unilever), saw the potential for palm oil’s use in soap making and set up mills in the Congo. After World War II, improved refining processes and more efficient means of transportation triggered the large-scale production and export trading of palm oil for use in soap making and cooking.


Palm Oil – Uses and Benefits

Healthy Cooking

This purified product is an excellent addition to a healthy home menu (or commercial) cooking needs. Palm oil is very heat stable, which means that it is great for high temperature cooking, like sautéing or frying. It is also very slow to oxidize and resists rancidity, which gives it a long shelf life without getting that “stale” taste.

In the late 1980’s, the American media suggested that the saturated fat in palm oil (and other naturally derived oils) would raise blood cholesterol levels and therefore was unhealthy. This assumption was not founded on research and was proven incorrect by subsequent studies that found subjects who consumed palm oil, as their primary form of fat intake, had significantly lower levels of “bad” cholesterol and higher levels of “good” cholesterol.

Soap Making

Palm oil, when used as carrier oil, makes a hard and stable soap that produces a rich, creamy lather – great for a cleansing or facial bar. Being rich in Vitamin E, try incorporating palm oil into your favorite lotion recipes. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that will prevent collagen damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and cellular damage. This is one of the most powerful antioxidants that the body cannot produce on it’s own. Adding palm oil adds excellent scent retention and is acceptable with all religions. Combine with coconut oil and your favorite essential oil to create a skincare solution that’s in tune with your own energy.

Research on Palm Oil

While already used for millennia, modern science is starting to take a good hard look at palm oil and it’s effects on the human body. One of the most widely prescribed medications in the United States today is the statin class of drugs. Statins attempt at reducing the same hepatic enzyme, responsible for cholesterol synthesis, that the tocotrienol in palm oil has been shown to reduce. Tocotrienols have also been shown to suppress growth of human breast cancer cells.

Our minds can benefit from palm oil’s natural source of tocotrienal as well. The Journal of the American College of Nutrition writes, “Recent work supports palm oil–derived aTCT as a potent natural neuroprotective agent in the AA cascade of neurodegeneration with the ability to uniquely target both nonenzymatic and enzymatic mechanisms of brain injury.” Simply put, our bodies do not create arachidonic acid (AA) or docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) on their own and only can obtain them through diet. Tocotrienols have been proven to help stop brain cell death after a stroke.

Western diets have been practically devoid of this form of natural Vitamin E. Incidences of obesity and heart disease are on the rise, and so are pharmaceutical companies manmade artificial solutions and willingness to profit from it. Attempts are being made at synthetically producing alpha-tocopherol with limited success. Palm oil naturally contains all four (4) forms of tocotrienols.

Palm Oil’s Benefits and Uses

Palm oil has been shown to reduce the body’s production of LDL or “bad” cholesterol, reverse arterial blockage, decrease the amount of cholesterol plaque in arteries, inhibit platelet aggregation and protect the mind from stroke-induced injuries. Palm oil’s tocotrienols have shown to inhibit breast cancer cells, while tocopherol has shown no effect (keep in mind – palm oil has been nearly completely lacking in western diets). Doctors and researchers from East Tennessee University found that one of the forms of tocotrienol (gamma) found in palm oil was potent in inhibiting prostate cancer cells.

As a natural skin care product, tocotrienols (vitamin E found in palm oil) help neutralize free radicals in the skin generated by ultraviolet rays, thus protect against UV related damage and skin aging.



-Pregnant women can rub into their skin. 
-Inhale aroma for mood/mental issues.
-As an ingredient in the soap making process, mix in during the melting process for hard soaps.
-As a moisturizer, rub directly into dry areas or mix small amounts into your current daily moisturizer.


As always, it is important to consult with your doctor before ingesting anything new. Make sure you don’t have any allergies to the product and that you are using natural and pure ingredients. Pregnant women should also consult with a physician before using.



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  • New to Bulk Apothecary

    by DRearick – 28th Jul 2013

    Great price, convenient pail packaging, great quality product what's not to love. I used this to make my first ever batch of all natural hand made soap which turned out awesome. All from a reliable company with excellent customer service. Who could ask for more?

  • In a few words, please title your review

    by Your Name – 12th Jul 2013

    Nice product. Shipping was fast

  • Great product

    by Kris – 23rd May 2013

    Super product and shipping was FAST

  • great buy!

    by amy – 22nd May 2013

    Best buy i could find online

  • Refined Palm

    by ST – 4th May 2013

    I love this oil. It is the best I've used for my skin and my face. And it seems awesome for mixing other oil because it doesn't add it's own flavor. Many good things to use it for. I would really like to try Red Palm oil before it is refined. Hopefully Apothecary will carry it soon.

  • Order More! You will want it.

    by DLW – 3rd May 2013

    Love this palm oil. It's what makes my CP soap the way I want it. Thanks for a great product, great service and prices.

  • Great product and convenient package

    by Plain Old Soap – 1st Apr 2013

    Bought the 8 pound and love that it came in a tub instead of a gallon bottle! Much easier to handle this way. Next order will be a larger size of this because this company's prices are lower and shipping is fast and cheaper too.

  • Very nice

    by Staci – 21st Mar 2013

    I stumbled upon this oil when buying soap making supplies and love it! I use it in lip balm, and in the kitchen! I wanted to start using it for the skin and health benefits so it's great for apothecary and cooking! It melts very nice and has very little taste. I even started using it today for oil pulling.....it is easier to adjust to because it is solid when putting it in your mouth, and there is not much taste. I will definitely keep buying this product!

  • 45lbs container

    by April – 28th Feb 2013

    I have just started using Bulk Apothecary as my supplier for my cold process goat's milk soaps and LOVE their palm oil. Its an excellent product that melts well and sets up quickly. My only complaint would be that it came 10 days after my original order because it was backordered. I was not informed of the delay until the order got here and I had to wait on this key ingredient. Frustrating when you have a product demand schedule to keep.


    by Rhonda – 21st Feb 2013

    I can't say enough about this formula ... smooth, but textured, cool & calming a bit gritty at first but melts into your body like a second skin ... WONDERFUL... I'd recommend highly to anyone with sensitive skin

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