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Wholesale Massage Oil, Lotion, and Cream

At Bulk Apothecary you can buy wholesale unscented massage oil and lotion at some of the best prices available. Now you can buy directly from the manufacturer to ensure the highest quality while keeping everything within your budget. We only use the best ingredients and have formulated our products to be comparable to some of the best brands on the market, and now you can take advantage of these products without paying the premium price.

Massage Oil

Our massage oils are 100% pure grapeseed oil and pure sweet almond oil, which means we can offer the same quality as any other supplier, but since we sell directly to the end user you can get the oils and lotion you want at prices unheard of before now. We sell three different versions of oil massage products and two different types of massage lotion. Take a look at our current inventory and discover the difference for yourself.

The Bulk Apothecary Difference

Bulk Apothecary is one of the largest manufacturers in the USA of unscented body massage oil, lotion, and cream, as well as a range of pumps and other accessories. Tens of thousands of massage therapists are already using our products across the country every day, and you can find out what makes our products so popular. We even have thousands of formulations for the bulk customer who wants to develop their own product line and have it manufactured by us. Place your order today and take advantage of our affordable prices on bulk massage products.


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  • Gallon Jug Pump
    Our gallon jug pumps fit right on any of our gallon jugs and 64oz. Bath and Body Inspired Lotions.

  • Basic Massage Oil
    Our Basic Massage oil is a fantastic massage oil for all types of massages. It offers an amazing alternative to the expensive massage oils on the market. Ingredients: Safflower Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Sesame...

  • Basic Massage Lotion
    Our Basic Massage Lotion offers and incredible value. This is a very good quatlity lotion and is quite simply the most economical basic massage lotion on the market. Ingredients: Water, hemp oil, propylene glycol, stearic...

  • Premium Massage Lotion
    Our Premium Massage Lotion is a great economical alternative for high end spas. We currently have thousands of spas all over the country that use our premium massage lotion for their clients. Ingredients: Water, propylene...

  • 100% Pure Grapeseed Massage Oil
    For our more particular massage clients we offer Our Grapeseed Massage Oil which is 100% pure, expeller pressed Grapeseed oil. This 100% natural oil is often cited by our customers for it's smooth glide and amazing...

  • 100% Pure Sweet Almond Massage Oil
    For our more particular massage clients we offer Our 100% Sweet Almond Massage Oil which is naturally high in vitamins A, B1,B2,B6 and E making it great for customers with dry itchy skin and inflammation. A great alternative...

  • Muscle Freeze Topical Analgesic
    Our Muscle Freeze is comparable to the national Brand at a fraction of the cost. If you have clients with muscle or joint pain, give our Muscle Freeze a try and you won't be dissappointed. Active Ingredients: Camphor 0.2%...