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Aloe Vera

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Product Description

Pure Aloe Vera Liquid and Powder

100% purity with some of the best wholesale prices online. We currently carry both pure Aloe Vera gel and powder. For larger quantity wholesale quotes, please contact our home office. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality, service and prices anywhere online.

Wholesale Aloe Vera Gel (actually a Liquid) and Powder 

Liquid Aloe Vera Uses and Benefits

Perhaps one of the most commonly known benefits of Aloe Vera Gel is its ability to sooth sunburned skin. Besides merely making it less of a painful experience, studies suggest that the polysaccharides it contains might protect against non-melanoma type skin cancers by targeting pathways activated by ultra violet radiation. Ultra violet radiation suppresses the body’s natural immune responses and causes premature aging. While not able to prevent sunburns, these polysaccharides help prevent the damage of the body’s natural immunities in the epidermis. Aloe Vera has also been shown to support the healing of first and second-degree burns and is approved by the FDA and often recommended by doctors for such use.

Perhaps some of these qualities can be attributed to the fact that it absorbs into the skin almost four times faster than water – making it an excellent moisturizer and emollient. Its antimicrobial properties kill bacteria and its anti-inflammatory abilities make it a great solution for those with oily skin who may also suffer with acne, without leaving a greasy feel. The rapid stretching in skin causes small tears (commonly called “stretch marks”) that Aloe Vera gel can help heal and prevent.                                                                                                

The History of Aloe Vera

With no known natural populations in the world, perhaps the origin of this succulent plant was the result of the ancient mating of two genetically distinct varieties. This is done frequently in modern times to create plants stronger than either one of the parents, and to isolate and enhance beneficial properties of both. Regardless of how it came about, it has become a pillar of health and beauty. Often grown as an ornamental decoration, its advantageous uses in skin care, cosmetics, and medicine are as impressive as the plant itself is lovely and hearty.

As Baron Carl con Rokitansky was quoted in the English translation of the oldest known medical document known to exist (the Ebers Papyrus), “Those about to study Medicine, and the younger Physicians, should light their torches at the fires of the Ancients.” Obviously Rokitansky held ancient practitioners in the highest regard and knew the valuable lessons we could learn from their wisdom. The Ebers Papyrus, while written around 1,500 B.C. in ancient Egypt, is thought to be a collection of knowledge much, much older. Mentioned in this text, as well as Natural History (written by Pliny the Elder) that claims to include all of the ancient knowledge, Aloe Vera’s role in history should be taken seriously by the health conscious individual.

Aloe Vera Powder Uses and Benefits

Incorporate the above-mentioned benefits in everything from your soap making to your lotions, shampoos, conditioners, lip balms, and massage oils. Simply mix the powder in during the liquid portion of your homemade creation. Easier to store and possessing a longer shelf life, its great for quick mixing with water to produce an Aloe Vera “juice” or gel. It contains vitamins C and B, and is commonly marketed as an internal health supplement. While scientists are yet to find definitive evidence of the efficacy of ingesting aloe, studies continue with high hopes. However the healing and antimicrobial properties have been proven beneficial, not only on the skin, but also when used as a natural toothpaste and mouthwash.

The powder form provides a more economical way to package, transport and store for those looking to use bulk quantities. It also provides additional resourcefulness for the “do-it-yourselfer” simply looking to use what they make.

As a Natural Health Supplement

In either form this product will bring value to you, or your customers lives. This hearty plant thrives in dry and abnormally difficult environments and developed natural solutions to counter severe everyday scenarios (i.e. harsh UV light, dryness, invasive foreign entities, etc.) Incorporate aloe’s natural power into your everyday routines and further enjoy the knowledge that you are harnessing nature’s solutions to everyday problems.

For Health Vitality

Be diligent in your research and don’t be tricked into believing exaggerated claims (like curing cancers, healing ulcers, treatment for diabetes etc.) by those hoping to sell you their product at an inflated price. Aloe Vera is moisturizing, antimicrobial, and antifungal and is suitable for all skin types. There is no need for exaggeration. Use it to firm and moisturize your skin, sooth irritation, and repair minor imperfections. Many commercially available products have already incorporated aloe, but also contain artificial colors and fragrances. When making your own, you can be confident that what you are creating for yourself, your family and even your customers, is a pure all natural product that begins with pure ingredients.

In Home Remedies

Try using as a post-shave lotion to sooth razor-burn and moisturize.

Add into your lye mixture when creating a cold pressed soap for a bar that calms irritation and cleanses pores

Its natural pain killing properties provide relief from burns, minor cuts and abrasions as well as soothing insect bites

Add a fresh clean smell to your massage oil or aromatherapy

Have an athlete’s foot problem in the house? Massage those tired feet and let its natural antiseptics relive the itching, burning, cracking symptoms while at the same time moisturizing and fighting the fungus

Blend with a cucumber to make a refreshing facial



There are 14 review(s) for this product

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  • Best Aloe Vera

    by Jane – 18th Feb 2014

    Best Aloe Vera, easy to use, and best price even when taking shipping charges into account! I am using to make my own hair care products at a much cheaper price with better ingredients!

  • In a few words, please title your review

    by Catherine Winter – 12th Aug 2013

    I used it to make a wonderful sunburn soothing product, and it worked as well as the MUCH more expensive liquid I bought at the local health food store!

  • Refreshingly pleased

    by JD Jones – 8th Aug 2013

    I am pleasantly pleased with the scent and cosmetic action of this product. I use it in the bath and to make soap. It is the best aloe liquid I have used.

  • Great but no very gel like

    by Quantina – 30th Jul 2013

    I will keep working to find other uses for this but so far so good combined with other products for hair/skin care. I guess I was expecting something a little thicker than this but no worries I'll buy again.

  • Love this stuff!

    by Alexis – 19th Jul 2013

    I have used this neat, and I have mixed it into some sprays and lotions for sunburn and skin cooling. It works wonderfully! It sprays out of little spray bottles very easily (when mixed with a bit of distilled water), and it absorbs cleanly. I love it!

  • Great stuff!

    by Amy – 4th Jun 2013

    I have replaced all water in my shampoo bars and soaps with aloe vera juice, will never go back now!

  • LOVE this product!

    by Jenny – 27th May 2013

    I decided to buy the liquid form of this product to add to some of my creations, but I started taking it orally to see if it helped with my IBS....and it DID! My skin is also more clear than usual. I will definitely be keeping this product around for a long time!

  • Favorite unexpectedly useful purchase

    by Amy – 14th May 2013

    I bought this as an ingredient to a hair product I wanted to make and quickly found all sorts of uses for it. It's not a gel, although that's what it will be referred to as in recipes, but it makes a great addition to post waxing body butter, if you mix it with flour, it works great on burns, and it does what it does very effectively.

  • Haven't used yet

    by Pat – 8th May 2013

    I bought the powder for the easy shipping/storage but haven't figured out quite how to use it. I don't know whether to add to water to make gel or just add it to the lotion recipe. If you could put a sentence in the description for the powder it would be appreciated.


    by ELLEN – 7th May 2013

    I love this product . i make a great shampoo/ body wash out of it I treally helps w moisturizing my skin and the price is out of this world
    I love love this product this is my go to product

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