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Birch Sweet Essential Oil

  • Pure Birch Sweet Essential Oil
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Product Description

Botanical Name: Betula lenta Plant Part: Bark Extraction Method: Steam Distillation Origin: Russia Color: Colorless to pale yellow liquid. Common Uses: Birch Sweet is credited with being an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-pryetic, anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, astringent, depurative, diuretic, and tonic. It is an effective addition to massage oil blends for sore muscles, sprains and painful joints because of its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. Consistency: Thin Note: Top Strength of Aroma: Strong Aromatic Scent: Birch Sweet has a sweet, sharp, camphoraceous scent that is very fresh and similar to Wintergreen. Cautions: Birch Sweet Oil is potentially toxic and may cause skin irritation. Use in dilution and avoid during pregnancy.


There are 9 review(s) for this product

  • Agree with rootbeer and wintergreen

    by Monica Mosack – 10th Aug 2013

    Smells deliciously of sweet root beer and wintergreen. I read its good for broken bones and bone spurs. I blended a single drop into a teaspoon of oil in which I have blended marjoram, frankincense and lavender. I massage it into one of my kid's backs, and another of my kid's feet, as well as put it on my broken ankle. My child's feet are relieved and my ankle has very little pain.

  • Great Pain Reliever

    by Vickie Caplinger – 17th May 2013

    My husband was in constant pain with his back until we started using the Birch Sweet Essential Oil. The pain medicine he would take helped some, but would not take the pain away completely. Since we have been using the Birch Sweet Essential Oil he has been pain free and able to sleep through the night.

  • Wasn't for me

    by Natural Exfoliation – 14th May 2013

    It wasnt a horrible scent but it wasn't what I was looking for.

  • Sweet birch is sweet, mild, and fresh

    by Holly – 14th Apr 2013

    Sweet birch is mild, aromatic, and not overpowering. Exactly what it's supposed to be. If you need ultra strong like wintergreen, get the wintergreen.

  • Works great in my arthritic oinment I make and does not dry out your skin

    by Lucar Homeopathic – 9th Mar 2013

    Works great with other oils and components and has a nice settle sweet smell !!

  • Even better than I expected

    by Lorraine – 8th Mar 2013

    I have loved sweet birch since I'd first discovered it, but it can be very hard to find in quantity. I was almost expecting this to be a bit watered down, but no! It's a powerful punch of mintiness. Love it!.

  • sweet mint similar to icy hot

    by CH – 4th Jan 2013

    i love BIRCH SWEET. its a minty oil but sweet. the smell reminds me of icy hot but it smells delicious.

  • reminded me of...

    by Jerek – 14th Dec 2012

    It reminded me of root beer when i first opened it. I see the wintergreen comparison too. It's a nice smell and works well with the fir needle and cedar blends i have been making this season. A little goes a long way.

  • Not what I thought

    by sara – 11th Dec 2012

    I would not describe it as "very fresh and similar to Wintergreen". It wasn't what I was looking for but it wasn't terrible.