Red Root

Red Root
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Red Root

Botanical Name: Ceanothus americanus

Red root is famously known for its categorical dried herb. This is a very popular and nourishing dried herb which is used for the healthy consumption. People in their daily stressful life can easily add some degree of nutrition in their body. These dried herbs are heavily certified from registered medicinal companies who work for natural and organic ways of healing the human body from inside.

Red root is available in the Bulk Apothecary through online mode. This website provides with various forms of Red Root dried herbs. This is a very dried deciduous shrub which acts as a medicinal plant for the healthy skin, hair and body. This organic herb acts as a very antiseptic against cough and cold and protects the body from seasonal changes.

The Red Root is also used as the dye and is famous for its versatile characteristics. The plant is used for traditional medicinal uses.