Mandrake Root Powder

Mandrake Root Powder
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Mandrake Root Powder

Botanical Name:

Podophyllum peltatum

Mandrake root powder is also known as Mandragora or the Satan’s apple. It is a toxic herb which was formerly used as anesthesia. This herb originated in Turkey but is vitally found in the northeast North America. When the plant first appears in each spring, it looks like a closed umbrella thus it is also called umbrella plant. Apart from the fruit, every other part of this herb is toxic. The herb has a vast history related to it. It is said to be able to expel demons and act as an exorcist.

The Mandrake powder has medicinal benefits as it has been used by the people as medicinal agent from hundreds of years ago but the intake must be consulted from a certified doctor to avoid any kind of side effects.