Lime Peel

Lime Peel
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Lime Peel

Botanical Name:

Citrus aurantifolia

Lime peel is commonly known as zest. It is a food ingredient which is obtained by scraping or cutting the outer layers of un-waxed citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, lime or citron. If we analyze the word zest in respect to fruit anatomy, it is derived from flavedo. The peel of a citrus fruit comprises of the flavedo and albedo. Citrus peel may be used fresh, dried, candied, or pickled in salt.

Lime peel is usually used as a flavoring agent to pastries, cookies, puddings, cakes, sweets. It is also a key ingredient in sweet and sour condiments like lemon pickles, marmalade. Lemon liquor also requires this Lime peel for preparation. It not only provides flavor and aroma to certain cocktails but is also used as coloring and garnishing agents. Lime peel is often termed as twist while used in garnishing. Restaurants especially use zest in a large quantity.