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275 gallon Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce tote
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Kikkoman Brand Teriyaki Sauce - You won't find another deal like this again so act fast before it's gone.

This is brand new fresh product that was manufactured in January of this year.  Teriyaki sauce typically has a best by date of 2-3 years so this product should have another 2 years of dating left on it.  It was actually an insurance claim that we were able to procure.  The load was intended for a large food manufacturer that rejected the whole shipment because the seal on the truck was broken.  The material was inspected to ensure all totes were still factory sealed by the insurance company and then resold to us.  This is an amazing opportunity for any restaurant, food pantry, manufacturer or food distributor that can use a 275 gallon tote of Teriyaki sauce. 


Tote - Net Weight: 2,662 lbs. only $1.22 / gallon after using the 15off250 coupon code!
2 Gal Pail - $5.99 per Lb.
5 Gal Bucket - $4.99 per Lb.