MCT Powder (Medium Chain Triglycerides) 44 lb. Bag

MCT Powder (Medium Chain Triglycerides) 44 lb. Bag
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Overstock MCT Oil Powder (as low as $.95 / lb. when using coupon code 15off250 at checkout) 

- This was an overstock deal we procured from a large Nutritional Supplement manufacturer that reformulated a product line.  This MCT powder was originally used in a KETO protein powder but after reformulating the product the manufacturer sold the remaining material to us.  We only have 40,000 lbs at this price so it will go very fast.  The market pricing on this product is typically about $10.89 / lb.  The  product is close to it's "Best By Date" of July of 2021 which is why we are selling it at a discount. We are selling this material as a raw ingredient for manufacturing purposes. 

About this MCT Powder:

This material is 70% MCT oil (C8, C10) over Acacia Powder.  It is considered good for KETO and is derived completely from a Coconut Source.  This material is water-soluble and dissolves in both hot and cold liquids making it great for shakes, smoothies or coffee.  Complete information on this product can be seen below.