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Lebelia Herb Powder
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Lobelia Herb Powder

Botanical Name:

Lobelia inflata

Lobelia herb powder is derived from the Lobelia herb itself which was named after the Botanist Matthias De Lobel. This herb grows once or twice a year and reaches up to one or two feet high. The lower leaves as well as the flowers are pale violet-blue in color and are tinted pale yellow within. The flowers look so spectacular that there are few gardens especially in England which grow these flowers just for the beauty of it. Three prime colors- Scarlet, purple and blue make these flowers look beautiful.

Even though the seeds are brown, the Lobelia herb Powder is greenish in color. It is used in various forms- dried, liquid extracts and tinctures. The herb smells similar to that of tobacco and thus it is also referred to as Indian tobacco. Any kind of overdose of this herb might affect the body adversely.