Recipe: Blueberry Lip Scrub

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Blueberry Lip Scrub


This tasty little scrub is so good you?ll want to eat it- but you should scrub your lips with it instead (they?ll be oh-so smooth!). It comes together in minutes and is the perfect partner to a good lip balm (like the Blueberry Lip Balm).

You?re going to love this one!

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You?ll need:

1 cup Sugar

1/3- ? cup Sweet Almond Oil

2 TBS. Vitamin E Oil

Lorann Blueberry Flavor Oil

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Here?s how easy it all comes together: Combine the vitamin e oil?.

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?sweet almond oil?.

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?and blueberry flavor oil and stir, stir, stir! As you mix it all together the flavor oil will add a hint of pale purple color to your scrub making it just beautiful. Make sure to coat all dry sugar with the oils. You want every last bit to be incorporated into the mixture!

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Scoop the mixture into lidded jars or containers for storage and use as needed. When using, gently massage into wet lips and rinse with cool water. Follow with a hydrating lip balm for the best results!

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Recipe: Blueberry Lip Scrub

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23 thoughts on “Recipe: Blueberry Lip Scrub

    1. Hi Karen! Around 6ml or just a few drops are needed. We always recommend adding or subtracting ingredients to suite your likeness.

      Happy Bulking!

  1. how long will this last when in the container? (shelf life) is there a preservative you suggest adding? if so which one , is it natural and how much do you add? thank you!

  2. Hi, I was Wondering can I Use Other Flavors Instead of Blue Berry, I have Bought, Mango, Vannilla, Lemonade, Will They Still Add Color, and Will go Good With The Sweet Almond Oil I Also Purchased?

  3. what is in the recipe that makes it go bad so quickly without a preservative? Are the flavors oils not sustainable without a preservative?…Do the contain water in them??

  4. Do you have the recipe for the lip balm, and how many jars does this recipe yield? I would like to make this as a baby shower favor. Thanks!

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