Wheatgrass Juice- The Secret Hangover Helper


I’m sure many of you have headed into your local smoothie shop or health-food store and been offered a pricey wheatgrass shot. Problem is, most of us don’t really know the reason to take it. It’s not exactly the best tasting, but there are numerous benefits from this little power liquid.

While it certainly can benefit the hair, skin, and nails, wheatgrass juice works best in my household as a miraculous hangover cure. If you’ve ever had one too many cocktails to celebrate a night on the town, you know how painful the next day can be. While it’s important to stay hydrated, you can also take a quick shot of wheatgrass juice in the AM for some help dealing with a pounding headache and empty stomach. 1 oz. of the juice is equal to 2 1/2 pounds of leafy green vegetables.

The shot will help detoxify the liver, therefore alkalinizing the entire body and enhancing the digestion process. What this means is, your symptoms will be slightly easier to deal with after a quick shot of wheatgrass. Plus, it will give you a quick shot of energy and more vitamins/minerals absorbed directly into the body than you can imagine. The liquid allows for the body to process much quicker than simply eating green vegetable directly.

Next time you’re hitting the town, be sure to stock up on wheatgrass juice for the following AM! 🙂

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