Vitamin Spotlight: Green Juice Recipe

Green Juice Smoothie Recipe

Vitamin Spotlight: Green Juice Recipe

It’s officially flu season, at least that’s what all the drug stores would have you believe. As soon as the back to school supplies leave the aisles, the ‘get your flu shot’ signs go up. It’s true, this time of year is brutal on the immune system. Temperatures change drastically, and with the kids back to school, it means they are bringing home a host of new germs.

Vitamins and supplements are imperative this time of year. While it can certainly be beneficial to take vitamins in pill form, it can become a bit stale, especially if you are taking more than just a multi-vitamin. For those of you that juice, you may want to think about adding some extra vitamin/nutrients. Additives like alfalfa powder, vitamin b-12, wheat grass juice and more can be added to your juice or smoothie with a lot of ease. Not only do these nutrients taste better when mixed with your favorite fruits and veggies, they also enter the bloodstream faster that the pill forms.

green juice smoothie recipe

Get an added boost of energy, or simply boost that immune system with the wide array of available supplements at Bulk Apothecary. Below we have one of our favorite recipes for an Alfalfa-enhanced Green Juice. The alfalfa powder is fantastic for healing and maintaining good health. The iron content is also fantastic for anyone that is anemic or looking to get more iron in their diet.

Super Juice!


2 green apples

4 stalks celery without the leaves

6 kale leaves

1 cucumber

1/2 peeled lemon

1 medium sized piece of ginger

1 tablespoon of alfalfa powder (you can also use alfalfa juice)

Blend together and enjoy!

*Please note, alfalfa has a very strong taste. We recommend mixing with carrot juice in smaller quantities (1 teaspoon) when you first start introducing it to your diet if you’ve never juiced or tried it before. The aroma and taste will take some getting used to.

**Don’t like the taste of alfalfa? Try mixing in another green like wheat grass juice, kelp powder or barley grass powder.

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