Tips & Tricks: Under-Eye Care

We’re all a bit stressed, particularly with the busy holiday season upon us. Between working, kids, shopping, decorating and baking, we could all use a little extra sleep. While coffee will help you perk up, it will not get rid of the dark circles under your eyes. Those dark circles tend to turn into wrinkles and before you know it, your eyes are telling everyone that you look older than you actually are. So start taking care of your eyes. You can find a lotion or cream that is made for the eye-area and get in the habit of applying with your other moisturizers.

Under Eye Care



-Find an under-eye cream and apply at night. When applying an eye cream, you want to make sure to apply around the bone. Most people just apply to the black-circled portion on underneath the eye lid, but it is better to apply to the bone under the circle, as well as the bone above your eye.

-Apply BEFORE you moisturize. If you take a shower before bed, it is best to apply the eye cream when you get out. Let the cream dry and THEN moisturize the rest of your face. This will allow it to absorb better.

-Apply at night AND in the morning. Most people forget to apply in the morning. Most good creams will protect the sensitive area under the eyes during the day when the eyes are subject to UV rays and harsh weather conditions.

-Look for a cream with retinol. If you notice that your eyes are sensitive to retinol, find something with peptides. Both retinol and peptides will stimulate collagen production, which will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

-Puffy eyes in the morning? Try a product with caffeine. Some creams will have caffeine in them, and if you want a home remedy, try soaking black tea bags under the eyes. This reduces the puffiness you may have from a night out of drinking or a night of crying!

-Going to be out in the sun? Find something with UV protection. If you can’t find a specific eye cream with UV protection, use your regular sunscreen and apply on the bone under the eye. It will help protect against skin damage while moisturizing.

-Looking for something basic? Vitamin C on it’s own will help brighten the skin under the eye where the dark circles appear, while Vitamin E will reduce the age spots around the eyes and reduce any scaring you may have in the area.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to moisturize the eyes. It is the first area that shows signs of aging, so take care of the area now, so you look good later!

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