The Zodiac Guide to Essential Oils: Cancer

As summer reaches its peak, we find ourselves moving inevitably into Cancer, a tumultuous and variable sign. Our series, The Zodiac of Essential Oils, covered Gemini last month, and this sign has some of the same issues health-wise (indigestion, anxiety, depression). Not to fear, though. We’ll go over the strengths and drawbacks of this sign, some of its more prominent health challenges and the essential oil to remedy them: chamomile. Let’s explore some of Cancer’s attributes:

Symbol: The Crab

Opposite Sign: Capricorn

Colors: Silver, white, yellow

Ruling Planet: Moon

Ruled by: Stomach, liver and chest


Strong emotional currents make Cancer a devoted and loyal sign when it comes to friendships and romantic relationships. They are soft-hearted and highly empathetic, which means their feelings are constantly bubbling just under the surface. This tendency also contributes to this sign’s unpredictability. A Cancer is most compatible with Scorpio and Pisces, Taurus and Virgo. Because of its stability and grounding, Taurus makes a very good match for Cancer’s turbulent nature.


Because of their deep well of empathy, Cancerians are tremendously nurturing. They pick up on emotional cues that other people miss, and that allows them to step in and offer support when a friend or loved one is in need. Cancer tends to play things close to the chest when it comes to personal matters, and they are good at concealing their true feelings. At the same time, they can’t get enough of social interaction with those they care about. They are self-reliant and capable of experiencing life to its fullest.


Rising and falling with the ebb and flow of their emotions can cause people born under Cancer to be prone to pessimism and depression. They can be on an emotional high one moment and hit crushing lows the next. If you offend a Cancer, they can hold a grudge, and it can often take a long time for them to be able to move on from hurtful experiences. Their pessimism can lead them to always preparing themselves for some unseen threat, constantly expecting the worst to happen, which can hamper their enjoyment of the now.

Health Concerns

Those affectionately known as ‘Crabs’ are prone to a host of gastrointestinal ailments, ranging from run-of-the-mill indigestion and heartburn to more serious things like gallstones and intestinal distress. Their emotional volatility can also lead to depression and even hypochondria. Stress and anxiety are part of a Cancerian existence, which can lead to its own troubles if not dealt with properly.

Cancerian Essential Oil: Chamomile

The fact that chamomile is a digestive aid is no secret to the general public, and chamomile tea has been used for centuries for its soothing effect. This flower’s potent essential oil acts as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, carminative, stomachic and sudorific among other remedies. A Cancerian experiencing stomach discomfort will do well to add this oil to hot drinking water, tea or other liquids. To take advantage of it’s aromatherapy benefits, add a few drops to a steam bath, mix into non-scented hand cream or blend with other essentials for therapeutic massage.

Coming Up

Next month, we’ll be focusing on prideful, protective and passionate Leo. We’ll explore the specific health challenges that come with this sign, their compatibility and other attributes, and the ways in which Leo’s essential oil can help bring them relief.

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The Zodiac Guide to Essential Oils: Cancer



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