The Benefits and Healing Power of Orange Essential Oil

The Benefits and Healing Power of Orange Essential Oil

Orange oil is one of the most popular oils because of the healing properties it has in so many areas. The 5 Fold version of this oil is more concentrated than the traditional oil, which makes it a lot more potent in its effects. Cold pressed from an evergreen tree, this oil comes from a sweet pulp with no bitter membrane and is used in all kinds of cosmetic products. The potential health benefits this oil offers are extensive.

Healing Benefits

  • Anti Inflammatory: Inflammations don’t stand a chance when this oil is used. Whether the affected area is internal or external, it could be a sign of many different things like infection, ingesting something toxic, or an odd side effect of antibiotics.
  • Vitamin C: All citrus fruit is packed with vitamin C, which helps to combat colds, the flu, and gum problems.
  • Anti Depressant: A very common use of citrus oils is to help improve a person’s mood. This is especially true of orange oil, which is why it is a popular relaxant and mood lifter in aromatherapy.
  • Deodorant: Natural cleaning products use orange oil because it helps eliminate bad smells while still leaving a wonderful scent behind.
  • Anti Spasmodic: Many different spasms occur in the body, which can cause other problems like coughing, convulsion, and extreme diarrhea. Muscle cramps can be very uncomfortable or at least bothersome. If you have spasms, you can treat them with this oil, which is a great muscle relaxant.
  • Skin Health: Cosmetic products include this oil because it is great for the skin, helping to cure acne, dermatitis, and fight dullness.
  • Aphrodisiac: Frigidity, erectile problems, sexual disinterest, and impotence are all issues that can potentially be addressed with regular use of orange oil.
  • Anti Septic: Bacterial infections are always a concern with cuts or abrasions. This oil can help to keep things like septic and tetanus at bay, cleaning out the wound and killing any bacteria.
  • Carminative: Gases build up in the intestines, pushing upwards, causing pain. Orange oil is a carminative, which means that it helps relieve this gas. Many problems can come from gas, like chest pain, indigestion, higher blood pressure, and stomach aches. Relaxed abdominal and anal muscles allow the gases to escape, bringing relief. Regular use can help with chronic gas problems as well.
  • Diuretic: Toxins are another substance in the body that orange oil helps get rid of. Opposite of carminative, diuretics help to clean out the toxins like bile, pollutants, uric acid, excess salts, and of course, excess water, by promoting urination. Losing fat, promoting heart health, increasing appetite, and strengthening digestion are all side effects of urination as well.
  • Tonic: Just like overhauling a vehicle, a tonic can spruce up systems in the body, specifically maintaining the metabolic system and strengthening and boosting immunity.
  • Sedative: Since orange oil is such an effective relaxant, it is a great oil to use for sedation. It is a much more natural alternative to the drugs that are available over the counter or even prescribed, which are full of tranquilizers and narcotics. This also helps relieve anxiety, anger, and depression.
  • Cholagogue: All glands secrete some sort of substance, and orange oil can aid in the process. Examples of common secretions are menstruation, breast feeding, digestive juices, hormones, and enzymes

Incorporating this Oil

Most essential oil first aid kits contain this oil because of how versatile it is. It is also a great one to add to a daily component of a multivitamin regimen. As mentioned before, it is an effective deodorizer and helps to clean really well. If you are looking for an extra boost to natural cleaners, a few drops of this oil can help. Find ways to add it in to your daily routine like putting a few drop in a homemade air freshener, a tub of bathwater, or dabbing it on a handkerchief.


Be aware that while this oil has great healing and health benefits, it is photo-toxic, which means you should avoid exposure to sunlight if it is anywhere on your skin. If pregnant, you should not use it either as there are possible negative effects because of the muscle relaxant properties. Always use caution when trying an oil for the first time.

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