Recipe: Essential Oil Blend for Spider Veins

Yesterday I had a freak-out moment.

While lotioning up after my shower, I spotted one. A small, dark-purply spider vein creeping up behind my knee. A SPIDER VEIN! Eeeekkk!!!! I’m sure the neighbors could hear my squeals of horror. While my initial reaction was “Why God?! Why?!?!?” my second reaction was a little more rational: “How do I get rid of it?” Immediately I began scouring the internet for remedies, treatments, makeup specifically for legs….pretty much anything that would make that awful unsightly little spot go away (or at least hide it well). While there are cosmetic treatments that will help this great tragedy, I came across something that I can do to help the cause at home- which is incredibly realistic and manageable.

And since I’m positive no one reacts sanely to their first signs of aging (or maybe I just don’t want to feel alone freaking out over this truly minuscule imperfection) I figured I’d share with you what I discovered. While this may not stop the process, it sure can help reduce the appearance of it- which will make me feel much better and perhaps act a little more rationally about it.

Here’s the easy at-home treatment:

Essential Oil Blend for Spider Veins

Plastic Jar with Lid

Pipette Dropper

3 Drops Lavender Oil

3 Drops Cypress Oil

2 Drops Orange Oil

2 Tablespoons Almond Oil (or carrier oil of your choice)

Simply blend the oils together and store in a lidded jar. Massage into legs in the morning and in the evening (I do it right after I towel off from my shower). Using this blend regularly, you should notice a difference in the appearance within a month!! I keep a bottle right beside my lotion outside of my shower to be sure that I remember to use it daily.

Do you have any anti-aging tips and tricks? Share them!! We all have to stick together in this battle against aging…

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