Party Favor Trail Mix Recipe

Party Favor Trail Mix Recipe 1

It’s graduation season!

School is out and it’s time to plan the celebrations for your favorite grads! June and July are typically packed full of parties for all of the area seniors- lots of food, balloons and pictures to remind guests of all the special moments throughout your child’s life.

Why not make the graduation party just as special?

Every party has the same theme this time of year- but yours can stand out from the crowds with an easy, DIY party favor that everyone will love!

This recipe is as easy as they come- just mix, scoop and label. That’s it! It’s also the perfect assignment to delegate to a helper while you’re busy planning the menu and passing out the invites 🙂

Party Favor Trail Mix Recipe 2

You’ll need:




Pumpkin Seeds

Dried Mango (I just chopped mine into smaller pieces)

Dried Cranberries

M&Ms (regular or school colors!)

Stand Up Pouches

2.5” Circle Brown Kraft Labels

Party Favor Trail Mix Recipe 3

You can leave out or swap any of the nuts listed for a different type, but I really like this blend- it’s the perfect amount of sweet, salty and crunchy!

I used even amounts of each ingredient to ensure that each pouch ended up with all of the nuts, fruit and m&ms. Depending on how many pouches you plan on making, you could use a cup of each ingredient or an entire bag of each ingredient (the NOW brand of nuts and dried fruits are pretty big bags so you’ll have plenty to work with!)

Just toss all of the ingredients into a big bowl and stir to blend everything together.

Party Favor Trail Mix Recipe 4

Print out labels and adhere to the clear side of the pouch. Mine have cute little graduation caps and say “Class of 2015” and “Happy Trails!” You could put your child’s name on them, the guest’s names, or a fun party theme.

Party Favor Trail Mix Recipe 5

Scoop and even amount of the trail mix into each pouch and press the seal to close.

Party Favor Trail Mix Recipe 6

These were SO easy to make and they turned out so cute! Perfect for any graduation party, summer picnic or get together!

Party Favor Trail Mix Recipe 7

These easy favors are perfect alone, or you can make a few different types of favors and set up a cute display like I did!

Have Fun!

Party Favor Trail Mix Recipe 9

Party Favor Trail Mix Recipe

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