Cleaning Your Oven From A Crafting Nightmare

Okay, so normally we blog recipes, tips, and spotlight different products. Today we are going to try a little something different that I think you can all relate to.

What happens when you are making your own products, candles in particular, and have a spill. There are countless ways to make candles and the other day I was making a beeswax candle. I had some cute mason jars leftover from a craft project, and I thought they would look fantastic as candles.

At the time, I was in a rush. I didn’t have time to concentrate on what I was doing, and it showed. The only thing I was interested in was getting a candle made and putting the mason jar to use.

I put my oven on a low temp, glued my wick to the bottom of the jar and filled it with beeswax pellets. Once the oven was heated, I threw the jar onto the rack. It began to tip since the bottom of the mason jar is rounded and not flat, but I maneuvered it enough to make it stay.

Once the wax was mostly melted, I added in 1/2 ounce of my favorite essential oil, Bergamot, and continued heating until all of it was liquified.

I then grabbed the candle with my oven mitt. I should have used two. A mason jar is too rounded to grab with one and the entire candle/oil spilled all over my oven. Wax and oil were spilled ALL over the bottom of my oven, and it was my own fault. Sometimes you just get in your own way. I was rushing too much and I ruined the fun craft product. Not only that, but I had no idea how to clean it since the oven was still hot. After some research, and trial/error, here is what I found.




Let the wax harden. Once it’s hard, take a small knife blade and cut up the large chunks you can and discard. Obviously you won’t be able to get all of it, but you should be able to get a large portion with a knife if it is completely hard. Then, heat the oven on LOW heat, just hot enough for the wax to melt. It will start to smoke a little since there is pure essential oil inside. Once it is melted, take a sponge and soak up the oil/remaining wax.

Let the oven cool back down.

In the meantime, mix 1/2 cup of baking soda (also known as sodium bicarbonate), and water until it forms a paste. Coat the affected area with the paste…or cover the entire over to get the whole thing clean. Let sit overnight/12 hours. Next just take a rag/sponge that is soaked with vinegar and wipe up the paste/scrub the oven. Viola…you have a clean oven!

This is a bit time consuming, but it will be easier than cleaning the oven on self-clean since the oil/wax will cause LOTS of smoke. If you live in a small apartment or condo, you know it’s hard to use the self-clean option without having to listen to your fire alarm flare up.
Finally, be more careful when crafting! This step is most important for me to remember. I tried to rush and ended up spending way too much time having to clean.

On a side note, I did complete a mason jar candle and it looks adorable!


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