Burlap Bag Advent Calendar

Hi my name is Alex! I have been a Bulker for a couple years now and I am so excited to share my latest DIY project with you! I’ve been sending in pictures of my creations for several months now.. and they just made me a Contributor! ?YAY! ?I am a stay at home mom with two sons, so?I had a few helpers! ?This project will take 2 days max.

The project I am showing you today is very similar to the Pottery Barn Kids wooden tree advent calendar.

Here are the things you will need:

  • 3 – 1″ x 4″ boards at 6 ft – You can pick these up at any local home improvement store.
  • 25? 4? x 6? Burlap bags?
  • 25 clothespins
  • Paint ? This is for the tree itself.
  • Spray paint ? This is for the clothespins.
  • Acylic Paint
    • Burnt Umber ?To create a distressed look on the wood.
    • Red ?This is for the burlap bags, you can use any color you like.
  • Stencils/Stamps/Brushes
  • Screws/Wood Glue/Wood Filler

Tools I used:

  • Minter Saw
  • Drill
  • Hammer

Ok let?s get started!?First things you need to do is cut your wood.

At the end of this step you will have 6 pieces of wood. The measurements for the 5 pieces that will hold the burlap bags are, 38?, 34?, 31?, 27? and 19?.? Depending on how tall you want your tree to be will depend on what length you will cut the trunk, the piece you will attach the 5 pieces too. I did not cut this piece until my tree was assembled. This way I was able to put it against my wall to see where I wanted it, out of little fingers reach.

Next you will line up your 5 pieces to resemble the shape of a tree. Then put your burlap bags on it.

This way you can space them out however close you want them. Then use two pieces of wood to create the triangle tree shape. Here you can use the other 6 ft board you have that you will be using for the trunk. I have ample supply of wood in my garage but if you do not, anything long will do the trick here.

My little helper traced the boards to make the shape.

Now use your miter saw and cut along the lines you (or your helper) traced.

Once you made all your cuts go ahead and sand them. I used 220 grit sandpaper. Then it time to assemble; grab some wood glue, screws and your drill. I used 1 ?? wood screws.? If you have a little one that can?t really help yet it would be best to do this next part during their nap or while there are out of the way. As you can see my son kept moving my board but it was just about lunchtime so he watched me from the table.

Lay the 6ft board on the ground or carpet in my case.? Put the cut boards on top. Leave 7″ on the top to have plenty of room to glue your star on. I left 4? between each board.

Then just apply some wood glue and put a screw in each board. If you have any extra boards you could use them as a guide to align the cut pieces. However, this is not necessary. I then flipped it over and put another screw in each one through the backside.

Fill your holes with wood filler and you have now assembled the tree! While the wood filler is drying you can start working on the burlap bags.

Like I said above, you can use stencils or stamps here. However, I found it to be a lot easier to free hand it. But of course my son wanted to help so I let him do the stamps. I put plastic sheets inside my bags so the paint wouldn?t go through the bag. I have a ceiling fan right above my table so these tried in no time!

I love the little top hats…

Spray paint is so much easier to apply to clothespins than regular paint. I love Rust-oleum Heirloom white satin spray paint.

Now to painting the tree?


I wanted to create a distressed look. To do this I applied burnt umber to my tree before I painted it off white. (Don?t forget to sand the wood filler.)

You really only need to apply it to the edges or wherever you want to create the distressed look at.

My son did this part and went a little overboard.

Let that dry. Then your ready to apply your top color. I used off-white.? I applied three coats.? Here is what it looks like after three coats and a little bit of sanding to create that distressed look.

Now you are ready to glue your clothespins!


I did this in the kitchen since I have a baby gate up in there. This needs to sit for a few hours to let the wood glue dry completely. I used clamps on some of them but it was unnecessary, just leave it alone for a few hours to work it?s magic!

Now Your ready to add your star and bags! I bought my star from Hobby Lobby and painted it the same off white color. You can do whatever you like here. I wanted my hubby to make me a pallet star but he was taking too long! I wanted it personalize so I added my family name.

I wrapped some ribbon and greenery to a few of the bags to add more color. ?Here is another up close shot of the distressed edges! I love it!

Thank you again Bulk Apothecary for posting my DIY project! We can?t wait to start our next project!


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  1. Great project. It looks like fun, and though it’s too late for this year, I think I’ll do some next year. Thanks for sharing it.

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