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Spring Cleaning Diffuser Recipe

An invigorating blend to get you energized and motivated! 🗑️♻️

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Daylight Saving Time Diffuser Blend

Good morning, Sunshine! Here’s a bright and uplifting diffuser blend to celebrate Daylight Saving Time! We love the sun! ☀️🍊🌻

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Love is in the Air Diffuser Blend

Here’s a diffuser recipe to enjoy with your sweetie ❤️

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Our Favorite Diffusers to Fit Any Budget

Are you new to the world of diffusing oils? Bulk Apothecary offers a wide variety of diffusers to enjoy in…

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Spring Diffuser Blends Recipe

Spring is in the air! So why not bring that fresh spring aroma into your home? Using a diffuser is…

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Certified Organic Essential Oils

Certified Organic Essential Oils   There has been so much talk about the difference between Certified Organic essential oils and…

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New Year’s Eve Diffuser Blend Recipe

  Happy New Year! 🙂 In This Recipe: 1 drop Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 2 drops Lavender Essential Oil 5…

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Recipe: Rustic Orange Spice Rebatch Soap

Using rebatch as a soap base is a wonderful way to get the look of cold processed soap without the…

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Orange Creamsicle Sugar Soap Recipe

One of my favorite summer treats are creamsicles- you know, the orange popsicles filled with vanilla ice cream? Yum! I…

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Sweet Citrus Sugar Scrub Recipe

Here’s another super quick recipe that you can toss together in minutes! Just because a recipe is simple doesn’t mean…

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Recipe: Sweet Citrus Whipped Soap

Hey Bulkers!! This week I really wanted to focus on recipes that you can toss together in a pinch. It’s…

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Recipe: Creamy Orange Kitchen Scrub

When I say that this recipe is easy- I’m not kidding. I blended this creamy whipped scrub up in a…

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Recipe: Essential Oil Blend for Spider Veins

Yesterday I had a freak-out moment. While lotioning up after my shower, I spotted one. A small, dark-purply spider vein…

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Orange Essential Oil: Basics & Uses

In the past, I’ve dabbled with Orange Essential Oil. I love the invigorating and refreshing fragrance so I’ve put it…

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Recipe: Citrus Peppermint Salt Scrub

Did you look outside today to find a winter wonderland? I sure did. Maybe if you live in Hawaii, you…

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Cooking With Essential Oils

Cooking With Essential Oils We’re all familiar with how wonderful essential oils are for lotions, soaps, candles, and beauty products….