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Sore Muscle Roll-On Stick Recipe

Many of us are living healthier lifestyles these days. Maybe it was a New Year’s resolution or maybe it was…

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Choosing Carrier Oils For Your Skin Type

When making homemade soaps, lotions and topical products, carrier oils are an important component. Aside from the essential oils that…

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The Perfect Oil For Your Skin

At Bulk Apothecary, we LOVE creating soaps (well, we love creating lots of wonderful homemade products!). All kinds of soaps….

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Carrier Oils: The Basics

If you’ve tried your hand at at-home beauty treatments such as sugar or salt scrubs, made a facial treatment, or…

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Vocabulary of a Soap Maker

    If you’re a regular follower and customer of Bulk Apothecary, a ‘Bulker’ if you will, I’m sure you’re…