Simple Spring Guest Soaps Recipe

Simple Spring Guest Soaps Recipe 1

Guest soaps are a quick, easy way to brighten up your bathrooms and change seasons. You can stick to one mold or select a few designs, pick fragrances that you enjoy and color them to match your décor or bring color to a neutral space.

For my spring guest soaps, I used a fun flower mold and a pale yellow color to brighten up the smooth cocoa butter and goat milk base.


Grab your supplies and make a few for yourself!

Simple Spring Guest Soaps Recipe 2

You’ll need:

1 ½ lbs. Cocoa Butter MP Soap Base, cubed

1 ½ lbs. Goat Milk Soap Base, cubed

Silicone Flower Soap Mold

Fragrance Oil

Soap Color (mica powder, liquid, or solid)

Simple Spring Guest Soaps Recipe 3


Lemon Orange Blossom fragrance oil smells SO good! It’s fresh and fruity and perfect for spring soaps!

Simple Spring Guest Soaps Recipe 4

Begin by melting down the soap base. I place mine in a large heat-safe bowl and melt it in the microwave using short intervals and stirring in between until all cubes have dissolved into a smooth liquid.

Stir in the fragrance oil. I typically start out with 1 teaspoon, stir it in, and assess the scent. You can always add more- but you can never take too much out!

Simple Spring Guest Soaps Recipe 5

You could leave your soap plain if you’d prefer, the color will be a soft, muted white (which is still pretty!). Or, you can add a little color. I chose pale yellow- but pick any color you’d like!

After you’ve added fragrance and color (if you decide to) to the soap base, carefully transfer the prepared mixture into the soap molds. Allow the soaps to harden and cool completely (several hours) prior to taking out of the mold.

Simple Spring Guest Soaps Recipe 6


These little soaps will be perfect in any bathroom and also make a lovely gift!


Simple Spring Guest Soaps Recipe

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