Recipe: Simple Scented Hand Soap

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Ever realize how easy it is to make your own hand soap? Well, at least make one with the scent you love!


That?s it.

With ready to use base and a few fragrance or essential oils, you can fill every soap pump in your home in just a few minutes!

Here?s how:

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For easy scented soap base, you?ll need:

Unscented Liquid Handsoap Base

Fragrance Oil

And I added a TEENY bit of Vitamin E (this is optional)

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When mixing up liquid soap you need to be mindful of the salt curve. If you add too much to the base, you?ll break the curve and ruin the consistency of the soap. So, just a few drops of fragrance oil and a drop of vitamin e is all you?ll need!

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Slowly stir the soap base to mix in the additives (I wasn?t paying attention here and stirred a little too fast making bubbles at the edges- oops!).

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Transfer the soap into a pump style bottle. You can even rinse out an empty one you have sitting around in the bathroom if you want to! Making your own scented soap is an easy way to repurpose old or decorative bottles- or you can start fresh with a new one.

Easy, right?!

Check out the selection of fragrance oils and make a soap you?ll absolutely love!

Enjoy! 🙂

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Recipe: Simple Scented Hand Soap

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21 thoughts on “Recipe: Simple Scented Hand Soap

  1. I am new at mixing essential oils. It would help me to know exact amounts. For example: for 8 oz – how many drops of oil and vitamin E oil.Thanks for any help!

    1. Hi Glenna! A range of 0.5 oz to 1 oz of essential oil per gallon of a carrier oil or location base is recommended; for 8 oz lotion base 1-2 drops of essential oil will will and 2-3 drops of the vitamin e oil will be perfect.

      Happy Bulking!

  2. Recipe: Simple Scented Hand Soap: there are no measurements for the ingredients so how much base is used? Is this a thick or thin soap?

    1. It is completely up to you! The fragrance that is being added can be customized based on what strength of scent you want. Some customers prefer something stronger, while other like just a little. Adding the vitamin e and oil will alter the consistency, so it is really about trial and error in determining the end product you are looking for! Hope this helps! 🙂

  3. I just really like this, I’m a senior an MY neighbor takes me to the store this would be the best gift to give her and to make for myself,can’t wait to start making this.

    1. Hi Maria! You can use 1 oz of the fragrance oil to a gallon of the base, and, for this recipe, 1 oz of the vitamin e oil also.

      Happy Creating!

  4. I will be making foaming hand soap for my daughter-in law’s baby shower (although I will not start until October, I am researching what I need etc.) Have you ever used mica powder or liquid soap dye to color the hand soap? Since it’s a girl, I want to color the soap pink. I have also read people use food coloring (but, don’t know how I would get pink from food coloring). Any ideas and or suggestions would be awesome.

    1. After adding any additives you want, you can add about one (1) teaspoon of table salt to one(1) gallon of foaming soap base to create the foaming effect.

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