Recipe: Rustic Orange Spice Rebatch Soap

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Using rebatch as a soap base is a wonderful way to get the look of cold processed soap without the work. No lye, no safety gear or goggles, shortened dry time it’s a win-win situation. Basically, rebatch base is just cold processed soap melted down for reuse. So you get all of the features of cold process without actually having to do the process.

Pretty awesome!

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This recipe utilizes the ease of rebatch soap base but also incorporates skin-loving palm oil and sweet almond oil for a luxurious blend. The sweet and spicy fragrance of oranges and cinnamon are divine and the look of dried orange peel speckled throughout the bars adds texture and interest.

It’s a very pretty bar of soap!

For this recipe you’ll need:

4 cups of grated Stephenson’s Rebatch Soap Base

1 cup Water

1 cup Palm Oil

1 cup Sweet Almond Oil

20 drops Orange Essential Oil

10 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil

1 teaspoon Cinnamon

1 cup Dried Orange Peel

Using a double boiler (or similar set-up like I did here), melt the grated soap over medium heat.

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Add the palm oil and water at the beginning of the melting process. This will add the moisture back into the rebatched soap and help create a smooth, silky texture as it melts down.

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Over medium heat, continue to stir the mixture slowly until you reach a thick, sticky consistency similar to marshmallow cream or mashed potatoes. Once your melted base reaches this point, remove from the heat source to stir in the additional ingredients.

One by one, stir in the remaining ingredients. Moving from wet to dry, I started with the Sweet Almond oil, followed by the essential oils. Stir to blend the ingredients together.

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Next, add in the dry ingredients (I reserved a small amount of the cinnamon to sprinkle on top of the loaf once we pour the mixture). The cinnamon gives the soap a fantastic color!

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Lastly, fold in the orange peel.

Carefully transfer the soap mixture to the mold that you’ve decided to use. I chose a loaf pan for this recipe so that when I cut the loaf into bars, the orange peel will be speckled throughout each bar.

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Sprinkle the top of the soap with the remaining cinnamon and allow to cool and harden completely before unmolding. I left mine for 24 hours (which was really hard because I was anxious to see how beautiful it turned out!).

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Once the soap has hardened and set, unmold and carefully slice into bars. You can also clean up the edges if you’d like as they tend to look a little rough after the first cut. Allow the bars to dry for 3-4 weeks prior to use to allow excess moisture to escape, resulting in a harder bar.

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4 thoughts on “Recipe: Rustic Orange Spice Rebatch Soap

  1. Instead of using rebatch and adding all the extra ingredients…could you use melt & pour and add the essential oils, cinnamon, and dried orange peel? Thanks, in advance, for your prompt attention to this email.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe! I do melt and pour & attempted to do the rebatch the same way, amounted to a big mess!

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