Recipe: Paisley Swirl Soap

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Hey Bulkers!

Here?s an easy way to take a simple soap mold to the next level- swirling!

By using two colors of soap you can change the look of a molded soap, adding interest and making it a little more?.fun! Use any color combination you?d like and swirl a little or swirl a lot. You?ll end up with beautiful soaps everyone will love.

It?s an easy way to get a little more creative in your crafting- and I?ll show you just how to do it.

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You?ll need:

3 lb. Melt and Pour Soap Base (I used Goats Milk), cubed and separated

Paisley Soap Mold

Fragrance Oil (I used Spa Fragrance)

Soap Colors (use soap color blocks, mica powders, or liquid soap colors)

Wooden Skewer (or something similar)

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Using the microwave, heat the first bowl of cubed soap base in short intervals until smooth. Color with your preference of soap colors and add fragrance oil. I used 1 ? teaspoons of fragrance oil for each batch. Stir to blend.

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Carefully pour the first prepared soap mixture into the mold. Repeat the steps for melting, coloring, and scenting the second batch of soap- choosing a different color. Since I was using a relaxing spa fragrance, I went with two pastel colors to complement the soft scent.

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Allow the first soap color to start to set before pouring in the second color. You want it to be slightly set so that the colors stay separate and don?t bleed into one color. After you?ve poured the second layer over the first, take the wooden skewer and swirl the two soaps together. You can do just a few swirls or heavily swirl the soaps- it?s completely up to you!

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As you can see, I lightly swirled mine. You can see a lot of swirling from the surface, but if you look at the sides of the soap in the mold, you?ll notice that the two colors dip into each other several times.

Allow the soap block to cool and harden completely. Once hardened, flip the mold over and apply gentle pressure along the border of each soap and the middle of each soap. The block should easily release (if not, pop the tray in the freezer for a few minutes and try again).

Using a straight soap cutter, slice along the marked lines of each soap to cut even pieces. Once cut you?ll be able to see the how beautifully the colors swirl together!

Wasn?t that easy?! A few extra steps can take a simple molded soap from plain to amazing!

Get creative and have fun!

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Recipe: Paisley Swirl Soap

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