Recipe: Lemon Zest Soap

This is another SUPER easy DIY soap recipe. Why so easy? It?s made in the microwave! Yippee! Just melt-stir-melt-stir-melt-stir-pour-cool-done. That?s it. So easy a kid could do it (with adult supervision, of course).

I absolutely love this soap. The Lemon Sugar fragrance is so delicious you?ll be tempted to nibble the end of it (but please don?t. Unfortunately, it won?t taste as yummy as it smells?). The lemon zest mixed throughout the white base leaves the finished product oh so beautiful and pretty darn fancy looking, if I do say so myself. For as easy as it is to make, it?s quite a show stopper.

Finish it off with some beautiful packaging and you?ll have a gift that?s sure to impress. Or, you can just keep it all for yourself?. If you really want to be the talk of the town, mix up some unscented lotion base with the Lemon Sugar fragrance oil to compliment your soap (and if you?re feeling generous, you can pair this with the soap for a really special gift). You?ll smell so good everyone will be begging to know your secret!

What you?ll need-

2 lbs Goat Milk Melt and Pour Soap base
1 oz Lemon Sugar Fragrance Oil
Zest of 3-4 Lemons
Rubbing Alcohol
Spray Bottle for the alcohol
Soap Mold
Glass Bowl

How to do it-

Step 1. Cut the soap base into small, even cubes and place in a glass, microwavable bowl.
Step 2. Melt in your microwave using 30 second intervals and stirring in between until the
soap is fully melted.
Step 3. Add the fragrance oil and stir.
Step 4. Fold in the lemon zest and stir until zest is even blended throughout the mixture.
Step 5. Pour your soap mixture into the mold you?ve decided to use (it can be loaf style and
cut into blocks once cooled or you can pick a fun shaped mold).
Step 6. Spray the top of the soap with rubbing alcohol to remove any air bubbles and allow to
cool and harden

Once the soap has completely hardened, remove from the mold(s) and enjoy! Use it in your home for yourself or wrap it up beautifully and share it to your favorite friends!

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    1. If you’re making standard size soap (4 oz. soap bars), you should get around 7 to 8 soap bars with this recipe; hope this helps!

    1. Soaps can last be pretty long time on the shelf, provided that they are not exposed to water; however, for best results we recommend using within 3 to 4 months.

      1. hello soap maker, this is pascal I just want to thank you so much to show us how we can make our own natural bur soap, but I wanted to know if u can teach somebody to know how to make natural bur soap as well? I’m very interested, please. Thank you

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