Recipe: Lemon Verbena Leaf MP Soap

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Here’s a fun citrusy blend that will brighten your day!

When using suspension soap base, I’ve blended in dried flowers, seeds, and berries- but I hadn’t tried any herbs yet. So when I decided to make a soap blend with lemon and lime essential oils, I wanted an herb that would look pretty and compliment the fragrances.

Lemon Verbena Leaf was it!

If you haven’t tried suspending soap base yet, give it a whirl! The clear soap allows you to speckle anything from glitter to dried flowers evenly, without any of your add-ins sinking to the bottom of the finished bar.

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For this recipe you’ll need:

4 cups Suspending MP Soap Base

1 tablespoon Lemon Essential Oil

1 teaspoon Lime Essential Oil

1 tablespoons Lemon Verbena Leaves

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Depending on how you want your finished soap to look, you can increase or decrease the amount of leaves. I was happy with the way mine turned out using 1 tablespoon, but the next time I make it I may decrease the amount so that you can see each leaf more clearly in the soap.

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First, melt down the soap base. I heated mine in the microwave using short intervals and stirring in between until completely melted. You can also melt it down on your stovetop using a double boiler. I couldn’t do this because my oven caught on fire the other day when I was baking cookies- for real L

Once melted, work quickly to stir in the essential oils. The lemon and lime add a nice yellow-ish color to the soap!

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Next, stir in the dried lemon verbena leaves. Make sure you stir well to be sure the leaves have been evenly distributed throughout the soap base.

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Carefully pour the prepared soap mixture into the mold and allow to cool and harden completely before unmolding. Cut into evenly sized slices and enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Recipe: Lemon Verbena Leaf MP Soap

  1. Is the soap base moisturizing your skin ? 4 cups of soap base is approximately how many pounds ? They sell as 2 lb. Could you help on the measuring.


    1. Hi Ashley. It’s not very moisturizing, as it is geared towards cleansing and helping with cuts or boils on the surface of the skin. Four cups is approximately 2 lbs. Hope this helps!

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