Recipe: Lemon Lime Melt & Pour Soap

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Hey Bulkers!

Here?s a pretty little soap to brighten up your showers!

Mixing the delicious scents of lemon and lime in a double layer for a refreshing and beautiful soap that is sure to please- it?s just perfect for these dog days of summer!

Keep on reading and I?ll tell you just how I did it!

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Here?s what you?ll need:

6 cups of a clear MP soap base (I had a ton of suspension base on hand so that?s what I used for mine)

1 cup Grapeseed Oil

1 tablespoon Vitamin E Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

Lime Essential Oil

Mica Powder in Woodland Green

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For the first layer, melt 5 cups of the MP soap base and the grapeseed oil. You can do this two ways: either by using a double boiler on your stovetop, or by placing the soap base in a microwave-safe bowl and using short pulses in the microwave until completely liquefied.

Once melted, remove from the heat and add the lemon essential oil (making it as mild or strong as you?d like).

Carefully pour the mixture into a rectangular mold and move on to the second step.

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Following the same instructions as listed above, melt the remaining cup of soap base along with the vitamin E oil. Stir in the green mica powder and lime essential oil (again, you can use both of these ingredients to suit your preference).

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Carefully pour the second mixture over the first. The two layers will partially blend on their own, but for added effect, swirl the layers with a wooden skewer.

Allow the soap to cool and harden completely before unmolding and slicing into 1-1 ? inch bars.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Recipe: Lemon Lime Melt & Pour Soap

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32 thoughts on “Recipe: Lemon Lime Melt & Pour Soap

  1. Such a simple recipe, thank you. I have not tried to make soap yet. I have always been intimidated with using some ingredients, especially lye.

  2. That looks so pretty and I love the smell of lemon and lime. How long does have to cool before removing from the mold?

  3. Can small pieces of fresh rine from lemons and limes be added to this mixture for texture? Or maybe just the skin? I’m new at this and don’t know what the soap can take and still set up.

      1. Wait, why only a 2-4 week shelf life??!! Grape seed oil on its own has a shelf life of 6 months and adding essential oils do not shorten shelf lives? Could you please explain in detail. I’m intrigued. Thank you

  4. Hello! I would like to make this recipe, but my computer is putting a “?” in front of the grapeseed oil so I am unsure as to how much to use. Could you please tell me how much grapeseed oil I would need?

    Thank you!

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