Recipe: Honey & Oats Melt & Pour Soap

This recipe takes the cake for the easiest soap recipe ever. Really. It took me a matter of minutes, used ingredients I had sitting in my pantry, and didn’t even need fragrance or color! It truly was a melt-stir-pour-done kind of project. Oatmeal is wonderful for the skin. It calms and soothes irritated skin, is perfectly gentle for sensitive skin, and the ground oatmeal works to lightly exfoliate. With a soft, subtle scent it’s positively lovely. Whip up this recipe to have on hand at home or to give away as a wonderful gift- especially to someone that you may not be sure of their scent preferences!

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Honey and Oats Melt & Pour Soap


2 lbs of Oatmeal Melt and Pour Soap Base

5 tbsp of organic honey

1.5 cups grated oatmeal

1 Handful regular Oatmeal


Start by roughly grating the oatmeal using a food processor. I have a small one that I use for nuts which worked perfectly. Pulse the oatmeal a few times (you just want a soft grate, not a fine dust) and set aside. Next, chop the oatmeal soap base into evenly sized cubes. Place cubes in a microwave-safe bowl and heat using short intervals, stirring in between until base has completely melted. Remove the melted base from the microwave and stir in the honey and grated oatmeal until all components are thoroughly incorporated. Carefully pour the mixture into molds, sprinkle with reserved oatmeal and electric allow to set for 4-6 hours or until completely hardened. Unmold and enjoy! If you opted to use a loaf mold rather than individual molds, cut the soap into 1-1.5 inch slices.


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  1. Hi – thanks for the recipe! I’m just a little curious about how much “scum” build-up results from the different components in the base. I HATE scrubbing my shower – thanks on advance.

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