Recipe: Holiday Gift Soaps

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Hey Bulkers!

Aren?t these individual gift soaps adorable?! They look just like little packages under the tree! You can make them in any color you?d like using any fragrance you prefer ?and complete a batch in about an hour- not bad, right?

If you have a little free time in your day it won?t take you long at all to have your stocking stuffers done! Everyone will love these!

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You?ll need:

1 lb. Melt & Pour Soap Base (any kind you?d like!), cubed. Place a couple of the cubes in a separate bowl to melt down for the ribbon and bow detail of the soap.

Fragrance Oil

Gift Box Soap Mold

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For my gift soaps, I stuck with a holiday fragrance and used Christmas Splendor. It smells just like Christmas- spicy, citrusy and sweet! You can use any fragrance oil you?d like, but the holiday scents from Bulk are really good!

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Here?s a close up of the tray mold. It makes three soaps, which is what the recipe above is made for. The ribbon and bow details are raised, so it makes it easy to define each with a different color of soap.

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Begin by melting down the small bowl of a few soap cubes (really- you only need a few. I had leftover soap after filling the bows and ribbons that I poured into the large bowl of soap cubes). Carefully spoon a small amount of the soap into the bow and along the ribbon of each soap. I didn?t add fragrance to this portion of the soap because it ends up being a very minute portion of the finished product, so I saved the fragrance for the bulk of the mixture.

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I only filled the bows and ribbon on the top of the soap. If you want to fill the ribbon down each side of the soaps, allow each section of ribbon to harden, turn the mold to the side and repeat the steps until the piece of ribbon on each side of the soap has been filled and set.

Allow the soap to completely set and harden before filling the rest of the molds.

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Melt down the large bowl of soap cubes (in a microwave-safe bowl using short increments and stirring in between) and add your fragrance oil. I used 1 TBS of fragrance for my mixture, but you can adjust this according to your preferences and what scent you?re using.

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Add color to this mixture- which will be the main part of each soap. You can do this using mica powders, soap color blocks (which you would add prior to melting), or liquid soap colors.

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Carefully fill each mold and allow to set and harden completely. This takes about an hour or so. Once set, flip the mold over and apply firm pressure to the border of each soap and in the center of each soap. With pressure, the soaps should release easily from the mold. If you meet resistance, pop the tray in the freezer for a few minutes and then try again.

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I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! I think they?re perfect for the season!

Recipe: Holiday Gift Soaps

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