Recipe: Evergreen Soaps

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With the holiday season in full swing, it can sometimes be difficult to find a few minutes of free time throughout your day to do something just for you. Well, maybe you’re not doing it just for you (especially this time of year, with all of the giving and gifting we?re doing) but crafting can give you a few moments to yourself, which can be just as good!

Making beautiful molded soap is an easy and quick project that you can do with limited free time. Choosing the base, color and fragrance that you prefer along with a mold that reflects the season is the most difficult part of the process! And with the end result being a perfect, seasonally appropriate individual soap- why not kill two birds with one stone and package them up for holiday gifting?

Find a few minutes just for you and gather your supplies.

Let’s make some soap!

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You’ll need:

1.5 lbs. Melt & Pour Soap Base (I used goats milk for mine), cubed

Pinecones Soap Tray

Fragrance Oil

Soap Color (optional)

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With all of the cubed soap base in a microwave-safe bowl, melt using short pulses and stirring in between until all cubes have melted into a smooth liquid.

Carefully remove the bowl from the microwave and stir in your fragrance oil. I added 1 teaspoon to my base, but you can adjust this amount depending on what fragrance you?ve decided to use and how faint or strong you prefer your soap to smell. 1 teaspoon of the Christmas-y fragrance I used gave just the right amount of scent to my soap.

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Be sure to stir the soap base and fragrance oil well. This will ensure that the oil is well incorporated into the mixture before you transfer it to the mold.

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For my holiday soaps, I went with the Pinecone Soap Tray. The evergreen look is seasonal without being overly Christmas-y which I felt would be perfect for soaps to place in guest bathrooms or powder rooms during the winter. The try is divided into six individually sized soaps which makes cutting even sized pieces super simple.

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Once the soap base and fragrance oil have been well blended, carefully pour the mixture into the mold. If you see any air bubbles rise to the surface (like you see above), spritz the top of the soap with rubbing alcohol to eliminate.

Now, leave the soap to cool and harden while you get stuff done around the house!

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Once the soap has cooled and set completely, flip the tray over and apply gentle but firm pressure to the border and center of each soap. The block should easily release. If you meet and resistance, pop the tray in the freezer for a few minutes before trying again.

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Using a straight soap cutter, slice along the lines to create six individual soaps. Clean the edges with a butter knife or the edge of a spoon to smooth out any rough spots.


Beautiful, individual season soaps perfect for gifting or placing in your guest bathroom for the holidays! Wasn’t that easy? Try some for yourself! And while you’re at it, pick out a few more fragrances and fun holiday molds and make a nice selection for friends and family.


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Recipe: Evergreen Soaps

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  1. Did you cut the starter in cubes yourself? I have never made soap but I want to an I am trying to see what the basics are that I need.
    Oh yes and it you cut them your self, what did you cut with.

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