Recipe: Decadent Chocolate Cake Soap

Get ready Bulkers- this next recipe is simply DEVINE. I’m a dessert girl through and through. The girl at the table that orders the giant piece of chocolate cake before ordering dinner. Yep, I’m THAT girl. So believe me, when I stumbled across a recipe for soap inspired by none other than chocolate cake- I knew it was my kind of soap! I mean, who wouldn’t want to lather up to the scent of a baked good, right?


As if the inspiration for this recipe isn’t enough to get you to gather your supplies, it gets even better. It’s EASY! Yes!!!!! My favorite word when it comes to crafting and DIY projects! I love a beautifully crafted product just as much as the next gal- but I love it just a little more when I know it came together so simply. It just makes it that much better in my books.

Okay, enough of the anticipation. Let’s get down to business and make some soap!


Decadent Chocolate Cake Soap

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 2 lbs. of goats milk melt and pour soap base

– 2 tsp. of brown sugar fragrance oil

-1 teaspoon Vanilla fragrance oil

– 2 tbsp. of cinnamon powder

– 2 tbsp. of cocoa powder

Rectangle Mold

Here’s what to do:

Start by cutting the soap base into small cubes (this makes melting quicker!) Using a microwave safe bowl (I like Pyrex dishes for this) heat the soap cubes in 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until the base has completely melted. Remove the melted soap base from the microwave and allow to cool slightly before adding the fragrance oils. Stir well to be sure the oils have been evenly distributed throughout the mixture. Next, stir in the cinnamon and cocoa powder and stir until a consistent, even color has been achieved. Carefully pour into your prepared mold and sprits the top of the soap with alcohol to eliminate any air bubbles that make have formed. Allow soap to cool and harden for 4-6 hours. To expedite this process, you can also place the soap in the refrigerator for the first 2 hours, and then air dry for the remaining time. Remember, melt and pour soap doesn’t require curing time so as soon as the product has completely hardened- you’re free to enjoy it! (Another bonus to this easy recipe!)

I hope you enjoy this soap as much as I do! Feel free to get creative with it- if you use a loaf style mold, swirl the top with a wooden skewer to creative a beautiful design or sprinkle some extra cocoa powder on top for a fun finish. The possibilities are endless when creating your own soap- have fun with it!

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