Recipe: Christmas Splendor Hand Soap & Lotion

In an effort to make my home holiday ready, I’ve been scurrying around adding little seasonal touches everywhere I can. I’ve been busy trimming the trees (yep, that’s plural!), adding white lights to every piece of greenery we own, burning wintry scented candles, and cranking up the Christmas music. Yesterday I found an area that I somehow seemed to have overlooked: the bathroom. Hmm. With ALLLLLL of the seasonal decor I have collected over the years, you would think this room would be covered several times over. But aside from one little Santa soap dispenser, it’s pretty dull in there.

So I decided to season it up a bit by making some holiday scented hand soap and lotion. Nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ like a little hand soap, right?! Haha! While it doesn’t add as much flare to a room as a huge, decked out evergreen does, it’s a great way to add a special seasonal touch to rooms that are often forgotten (or lack the space for yet another Christmas tree in my holiday lineup).

Here are two super simple recipes that you can use to fill your pre-existing soap and lotion dispensers, or bottle yourself and package just for the holidays! Make sure you leave no room lacking holiday spirit this year!

Christmas Splendor Hand Soap


Unscented Liquid Hand Soap Base

Christmas Splendor Fragrance Oil

Clear Plastic Bottle (or color of your choice)

Black or White Lotion Pump

In a bowl, mix the unscented soap base with several drops of Christmas Splendor fragrance oil. Continue adding drops of the fragrance oil until you’ve reached your desired scent. Using a funnel (for easy, less messy filling) pour your scented liquid soap into the clear bottle. Screw on the pump top, print out a nice label to make it extra festive and display it in your bathroom for holiday use!

Christmas Splendor Hand Lotion

Recipe Christmas Splendor Hand Lotion

Unscented Basic Hand and Body Lotion Base

Christmas Splendor Fragrance Oil

Clear Plastic Bottle (or color of your choice)

Black or White Lotion Pump

Follow the same steps listed above and display in your bathroom along with your holiday soap!

Happy Holidays!

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