Recipe: Caramel Apple Handmade Soaps

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Hey Bulkers!

Today I have a simple recipe for molded soaps. Molded soaps are really so, so easy! If you?re a beginner exploring the soap making world, trying your hand at a molded soap may be the way to go. They turn out beautifully and give you the freedom to make customizations without having to get too technical. Using a melt and pour base makes the entire process quick and with a HUGE selection of molds to choose from, you don?t ever have to make the same soap twice!

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For this soap I?m using a Caramel Apple fragrance and a one-pour mold that will yield 8 individual soaps. To make the same recipe you?ll need:

1 lb. MP Goats Milk Soap Base, cubed

Caramel Apple Fragrance Oil

?Handmade? Tray Soap Mold

Soap Color (optional)

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Begin by melting the cubed soap in the microwave (that?s the great part about melt & pour soap!) using short intervals and stirring in between until all the cubes have seamlessly blended into a smooth mixture. If you?re adding color you can do so by using a piece of a soap color block which will melt into the soap (just stir it together after you remove it from the microwave) or by using pigmented mica powders. Either soap color choice will add beautiful interest to your finished product.

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Now it?s time for fragrance. For one pound of melt & pour soap base, I stirred in 1 teaspoon of fragrance oil. You can adjust this amount to suit your taste- just be sure to start with a small amount and continue adding until you?ve reached your desired scent.

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Carefully pour the soap mixture into the mold. If you see any air bubbles on the surface (you can see a few in the picture above) spritz the soap with alcohol after pouring. This will eliminate the bubbles for a smooth finish.

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Once the soap has completely cooled and hardened, flip the tray over and apply gentle pressure to the corners of each soap. The block should release easily after doing this. If you meet any resistance, pop the tray in the freezer for a few minutes before trying again.

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Ta Da!

Easy, right?

Now carefully slice along each individual soap with a straight soap cutter and clean any uneven edges with a butter knife or tip of a spoon to finish.

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Aren?t they cute?

I love this mold for any season or time of the year. Its understated but allows you to easily create professional looking soaps in no time at all.

I wrapped each soap in a clear cello bag and tied it with raffia for a perfect fall-themed gift.



Recipe: Caramel Apple Handmade Soaps

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  1. I made this and did not get the mica powder fully mixed in. There are red flecks at the top of the soap. Can I cut it back up and remelt and remix it without damaging the soap?

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