Recipe: No-Bake Cookie Soaps

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Hey Bulkers!
Here?s a fun (and easy!) recipe for the cutest little decorative soaps!
Rebatch soap base is great for making rustic-looking soaps, but it?s also easy to work with to when you?re creating something that?s a little different. When you allow it to cool slightly, you can easily handle it to mold in into fun, whimsical shapes.
For this recipe, I rolled my soaps into cookie-sized balls and dusted them with cocoa powder to make the cutest little no bake cookie soaps (my husband came home and thought I made him cookies- ha!)! Scented with vanilla and coffee, they are perfect for the upcoming holiday season!
Here?s what I did:

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You?ll need:

3 cups Rebatch Soap Base, shredded
? cup Coconut Oil
Up to 1/3 cup Water
Coffee Essential Oil or Vanilla Essential Oil (you pick!)
1 tsp. Espresso Powder
Cocoa Powder to Dust

*Optional: Natural Raffia for packaging.

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Begin by melting the soap base using a double boiler (or similar setup like I did with a saucepan and heat-safe glass bowl) and heat over medium heat. You want the water in the sauce pan to be just below the bottom of the glass bowl (not touching it). The purpose of this setup is that the steam from the water will melt the soap base evenly without scalding it.

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With rebatch soap base, you need to add moisture back into the mixture by using oils and liquids. Since I?m using ? cup of Coconut Oil in this recipe, I won?t need much water. You can add up to 1/3 cup, but add it one tablespoon at a time so that you?re only adding what you need. I start the recipe with a tablespoon of water to moisten the soap base and the coconut oil, and then reassess the need for more water later in the process.

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Stirring occasionally, let the mixture melt down over medium heat until all of the ingredients have combined and resemble mashed potatoes (like above). This will take a while so be patient! Also, be careful not to over stir the soap while you?re waiting to avoid creating suds. I use a wooden spoon when I?m working with rebatch and scoop around the sides of the bowl folding the mixture over itself when I?m giving it a stir.

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Once you?ve reached mashed potato status, carefully remove the mixture from the heat. For this recipe I decided to mix in ground espresso powder. It gives the soap base a nice light brown color (like a cookie) and acts as a gentle exfoliator when used. Be sure to stir the mixture well so that the powder gets evenly distributed throughout the soap and the color is even.

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Now it?s time for fragrance. I split my soap mixture and did half with coffee essential oil (yum!) and half with vanilla essential oil. Both smell wonderful! When adding fragrance, always start with a little, mix it up and assess the scent. If you need more you can always add to it. This will prevent you from accidentally adding too much at first and ending up with overpowering soap scents.

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Allow the soap mixture to rest just until it?s slightly cooled and moldable. At this point you?ll be able to scoop a spoonful into your hand and roll it into a ball. The soap mixture should be slightly firm, not wet. If it?s still too sticky to form a ball, wait a little longer. Roll each soap into a ball slightly larger than a golf ball to create 1-2 use soaps.

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Dust each soap with cocoa powder before they?ve cooled. Yes, the cocoa powder will rinse off with use, but these soaps are only big enough to use once or twice so it really doesn?t matter. Dusting with cocoa powder takes them from looking like oatmeal cookies (which is just as adorable!) to looking like chocolate no bake cookies.

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I packaged my cookie soaps with three in a bag (for the ones I will be giving away). In my guest bathroom at home, I placed three cookie soaps on a small soap dish that looked like a cookie plate- perfect for the holiday season!
Just be careful no one tries to eat them ?

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Recipe: No-Bake Cookie Soaps

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