Fruit Stripes Layered Soap Recipe

Fruit Stripes Layered Soap Recipe 1

Hey Bulkers!

This recipe is a fun one! With bright, colorful layers and scents of sweet grape and pineapple- it reminds me of Fruit Stripes Gum!

Don’t be fooled by the looks of it- this recipe is actually really easy to make. Using MP soap bases and pouring thin layers, you can complete it in just over an hour or so.

It’s a perfect soap for the summer!

Fruit Stripes Layered Soap Recipe 2

You’ll need: 

2 lbs Cocoa Butter MP Soap Base, cubed

1 ½ lbs Aloe MP Soap Base, cubed

Pineapple Slices Fragrance Oil

Sweet Grape Fragrance Oil

Soap Colors (mica, block or liquid)

Silicone Loaf Soap Mold

Straight Soap Cutter

Fruit Stripes Layered Soap Recipe 3

I love these two fragrances separately and I love them even more together! They sweet, fresh, and fragrant- perfect for summer!

Fruit Stripes Layered Soap Recipe 4

After cutting the soap bases into cubes, divide each soap base as follows: the cocoa butter into three equal parts and the aloe base into two equal parts (to create 5 layers).

Using a heat safe bowl or spouted measuring cup, melt one third of the cocoa butter soap base in the microwave until smooth. Remove from the heat and stir in 1 teaspoon of Sweet Grape fragrance oil.

Fruit Stripes Layered Soap Recipe 5

Stir in the color. If you’re using a mica powder, dissolve it in a small amount of water (just enough to wet it and dissolve it) and stir it into the soap until evenly colored. If you’re using a soap color block, you’ll melt a small piece of it along with the soap in the microwave and stir the mixture once everything is melted. If you use a liquid color that can be easily stirred into the soap after melting.

Fruit Stripes Layered Soap Recipe 6

Pour the mixture into the loaf mold. Make sure you pour slowly so that the soap doesn’t splatter up the sides of the mold.

Fruit Stripes Layered Soap Recipe 7

Repeat the melting, coloring and scenting process with half of the aloe soap base. I used the same amount of Pineapple fragrance oil as I did with the grape.

Fruit Stripes Layered Soap Recipe 8

Make sure the first layer is completely hardened before pouring the second layer. For me, the amount of time it took to prepare the second layer was just the right amount of time for the first layer to cool. Perfect!

Before you pour each layer, spray the top of the hardened layer with rubbing alcohol. This will allow the next layer to properly adhere as it hardens.

Fruit Stripes Layered Soap Recipe 9

Repeat the steps again with the remaining cocoa butter base and the remaining aloe base, creating 5 layers.

Allow the block to cool and harden completely before unmolding and cutting into even slices.



Fruit Stripes Layered Soap Recipe

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