Fresh Apple Soap Recipe

Fresh Apple Soap Recipe 1

It’s officially fall, which means leaves are falling from the trees around my house and the nights are getting cooler! I think it’s my favorite time of year 🙂

With fall on my mind, I recently stocked up on some fragrances that are perfect for the season change. Specifically, Fresh Apple. Ohhhh how I love fall apples! The scent is still fruity enough to use in the summer, but perfect for fall, making it a great transition fragrance to use around your home during these in-between weeks.

Using melt & pour soap base and a soap color block, this recipe comes together with little effort and makes some beautiful bars that will look lovely next to any sink.

Fresh Apple Soap Recipe 2

Here’s what you’ll need:

2-3 lbs. Organic White MP Soap Base

Apple Fresh Green Fragrance Oil

Red MP Soap Color Block

Oval Silicone Soap Mold

Fresh Apple Soap Recipe 3

This is the BEST apple fragrance! It smells like you’re at the orchard with a basket full of fresh granny smiths. It’s pretty potent, so a little goes a long way- leaving you with extra oil to make some more homemade goodies!

Fresh Apple Soap Recipe 4

Start by cubing your soap base. Place the cubes in a microwave-safe measuring cup or bowl, reserving about ¼ lb. to be used later. I prefer a big measuring cup because it makes pouring easy and less messy, and less mess is ALWAYS better. Heat the soap using short intervals until the cubes have dissolved into a smooth liquid.

Fresh Apple Soap Recipe 5

Stir in the fragrance oil. Start with a small amount and add to the mixture until you’ve reached your desired scent. I used 1 teaspoon.

Fresh Apple Soap Recipe 6

Carefully pour the mixture into the oval molds, reserving a little space at the top of each bar.

Fresh Apple Soap Recipe 7

Next, place the reserved soap cubes and a small chunk of the color block in a measuring cup and repeat the melting steps.

Fresh Apple Soap Recipe 8

Stir the mixture well after melting to spread the color evenly throughout the mixture. You can make the color lighter or darker depending on how much of the color block you use.

Fresh Apple Soap Recipe 9

Pour a small amount of the red soap over each of the white bars and swirl gently with a toothpick. I didn’t add fragrance to the colored mixture since it’s such a small addition to the bars and the bars are already heavily scented.

Fresh Apple Soap Recipe 10

Allow the bars to cool and harden completely before flipping the mold over and popping each soap free. For easy release, press firmly around the border and in the center of each bar.

Are they pretty?!

I love how on side is heavily swirled while the other is a light speckling of color. You can change up the color if you’d like, but I used red to compliment the apple fragrance oil.




Fresh Apple Soap Recipe

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