Vanilla Butter Salt Scrub Recipe

Vanilla Butter Salt Scrub Recipe 1

Nothing could be easier to make (or more enjoyable to receive!) than a simple scrub. During this time of year- when we all have a looooong list of people to give gifts to- this salt scrub is a perfect solution!

3 ingredients are all you need. That’s it! And it’s a perfect recipe to do when enlisting the help of little hands because it’s just a dump and stir process. Nothing complicated here so bring on the kids!

But the results? AMAZING! Everyone will love the way their skin looks and feels after using this scrub.

So grab your supplies and let’s check a few people off of that long holiday list!


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You’ll need:

3 cups Dead Sea Salt

1 ½ cups Massage Oil Base

2 tsp Vanilla Butter (all natural) Fragrance Oil

4 Mini Heremes Jars

Round Brown Kraft Labels

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Step 1: Combine the salt and the oil in a large bowl.

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Step 2: Stir well to combine the ingredients. Make sure you scoop from the bottom to get all of the dry salt. You want everything to be well saturated.


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Step 3: Add in the fragrance oil and continue to stir, blending all ingredients together.

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I left this mixture as-is because it looks just like snow! If you want to add color, stir in a little mica powder or liquid soap color. Easy peasy.

This scrub is easy to customize. If you prefer your scrubs to be more on the dry side, don’t use all of the oil. If you want a more wet scrub, add a little more oil until you’ve reached your desired consistency. If you accidentally make it too wet, simply stir in a little more salt until your mix is just perfect!

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Scoop the finished scrub mixture into the mini heremes jars, filling the jars evenly. Remember to leave a little room at the top for the seal when you close the jars.

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Gorgeous, right?!

I really wanted to keep a jar for myself, but these jars are already spoken for. Lucky recipients….

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Don’t forget to finish off each jar with a holiday label! The brown kraft labels are so easy to use when printing tags on the computer. Design a bunch, or make a special one just for the person you’re gifting!




Vanilla Butter Salt Scrub Recipe


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  1. What’s the shelf life of these? How far in advance can I make them for gifts? Also can you substitute something for the massage oil like coconut oil?

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