Recipe: Simple Face Scrub

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Looking to get back to the basics with your skincare routine?

So many of us are trying to eliminate chemicals and additives from our homes and breaking down your beauty products can be a good place to start. Have you glanced at the ingredient list on the back of your cleanser lately? Yikes. Can you even pronounce the names of the ingredients listed? Probably not.

This recipe is simple and basic, and you can pronounce every single word! Don?t be fooled though- just because we?re taking out all of the fancy additives (along with the fancy price tag) doesn?t mean your skin will be missing out. Coconut oil comes with a LONG list of benefits, sea salt gently exfoliates the surface while pulling out toxins and lavender oil soothes dry skin and irritations while killing bacteria.

Your skin will thank you.

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Did I mention that it was easy? Like, super-duper easy.

Here?s what you?ll need:

Coconut Oil, melted

Fine Salt- I used fine Pink Himalayan

Lavender Essential Oil

2 Mini Heremes Jars

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To make, you?ll need to work off of a 1 part melted coconut oil to 2 parts salt ratio. Coconut oil is more of a solid at room temperature so you?ll need to melt it in the microwave prior to mixing.

For my recipe, I used 1 cup melted coconut oil and 2 cups of pink salt to fill two mini heremes jars. You can adjust this amount up or down by following the ratio above.

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Next, add in a few drops of lavender essential oil. I used only a few because the lavender scent is sometimes overwhelming to me, but a few drops will scent the mixture noticeably. You can opt to leave this ingredient out (you?ll still have a great scrub) or you can substitute it with a few drop of tea tree oil or peppermint oil for a more invigorating scrub.

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I really love pink Himalayan salt- it?s SO pretty! And the fine texture works great as a gentle exfoliator. If you don?t have any or want a colorless mixture, use plain Dead Sea salts for the same results.

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Carefully scoop the mixture into airtight lidded jars. To use, scoop a small amount of scrub with fingertips, allowing the coconut oil to begin to melt. Gently massage into damp skin and rinse with cool water. Remember, the coconut oil will solidify again after the mixture if complete so when you go to use it, you?ll have to scoop it out with a little pressure. The scrub will immediately begin to melt with your body temperature.

After use, follow with plain coconut oil for a hydrating moisturizer and get completely back to the basics!

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Recipe: Simple Face Scrub

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41 thoughts on “Recipe: Simple Face Scrub

    1. Hi Donna! I’ve seen scrubs like these up to $25; you should calculate your total costs then add a bit of profit for your price. Of course, it helps to buy in bulk.

      Happy Bulking!

  1. Hello. Thank you so much for having this site. My question is . Does it matter if the sea salts or course to being super fine. What does each grade of salt do for you . In there grade. I hope I explained myself.

    1. You can certainly use coarser or finer. It will simply affect the amount of exfoliation. The coarser will be a bit tougher on the skin, but will exfoliate a little easier. If you have fair or sensitive skin, I would recommend something finer.

  2. thank you for this………..I have used sea salt with a bit of oil for n all over scrub for years…………I used to use a bit of oil on me, in the tub, scrub with salt and soap it all off……..but now I am not allowed oil in the tub…… I just salt scrub and lotion after………….it works very well for face scrub………..too

    1. your 3 ingredients make a great facial, hand and foot mask. Leave on for 5 minutes or more, then do a scrub using the already applied mask, if a little dry add a bit of water to work with and spread it as you scrub thus extending the exfoliating use, i.e., hands to arms and shoulders… face to neck and chest…. feet to legs and knees. Hope I explained this well.

    1. Hi Sheila! Vitamin e oil can be used to prolong the shelf life of the other ingredients, but it will not extend the shelf any longer that 2-4 weeks.

      Happy Bulking!

  3. I really love your products. I haven’t used any recipes but Im going to try some asap and let u know how they turned out. I love the simple but effective ingredients

    1. Hi Tahita!

      Caster oil may assist in extending the shelf life and this is something you will need to test. We recommend using this scrub within 2-3 weeks; if you would like it to last longer you will need a preservative.

      Happy Creating!

  4. My daughter and I tried some face scrubs using refined coconut oil and broke out. We both have sensitive skin. Does it make a difference if we were to use fractionated coconut oil? Or is there another oil for sensitive skin? I love the coconut oil, it makes my skin soft so were are really disappointed! Help! We are new to this natural way of skin care! 🙂

    1. Sorry, we’ll unable to say specifically what will work cosmetically/medically for sensitive skin, as we’re not certified to do so; it would be best to consult a certified skincare professional for a skin allergy test to determine which of our carrier/base oils will work best with your individual skin types.

    1. Yes, you can use roughly 0.096 oz to 0.24 oz. of fragrance oil, if 1 cup melted coconut oil and 2 cups of pink salt are used.

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