Recipe: Bartlett Pear Sugar Scrub

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The Bartlett Pear fragrance oil is definitely one of my favorites. It?s sweet and always in season!

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You?ll need:

2 cups Sugar

1 cup Sweet Almond Oil

1 TBS Vitamin E Oil

1 TBS Bartlett Pear Fragrance Oil

Mini Heremes Jar

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First, pout the sweet almond oil over the sugar. Make sure the sugar is in a large enough bowl for blending all of the ingredients together.

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Drizzle in the Vitamin E Oil. Since I was photographing each step of this recipe, I prepped my ingredients in separate bowls. If you?re just making this recipe at home, I wouldn?t place the vitamin e in a separate dish first. It?s very sticky and you?ll lose some of the oil when it sticks to the prep dish. Just drizzle it directly from the bottle to be sure you don?t waste any!

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Add in the fragrance oil and blend!

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Stir very well to be sure no dry sugar has been left. You want all of the oils to be evenly distributed throughout the mixture.

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Carefully scoop the scrub into lidded jars for storage. Use as needed on wet skin, gently exfoliating with circular motions and rinsing with warm water.

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Recipe: Bartlett Pear Sugar Scrub

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20 thoughts on “Recipe: Bartlett Pear Sugar Scrub

  1. I love the labels you use on each diy scrub and lotion!! How can I get them or make them myself? Do you sell the labels or have a link for free printables for these and each project?

    Thanks! I look forward to your response 🙂

  2. Where is the best place to buy these ingredients ? And the jars to store it . What is the starting price and how much of the product do you end up making ? I would love to start making some home made face scrubs and moistureisers or all in one .i appreciate any advise you can give . Thank you

  3. Potentially sill question: When you say sugar, do you mean the kind right out of my pantry that I use for banana bread or is there a special skincare type? Thanks in advance!!

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