Thick and Creamy Body Butter Recipe

Thick and Creamy Body Butter Recipe

The winter months are here and along with the bitter temps can come dry, cracked skin. Winter skin can be the worst. Maybe it’s just your hands, maybe your elbows get a touch of it too, or maybe your whole body is dying for relief!

Whatever your experience may be, in these cold months we’re all looking for a solution to ease the discomfort of dry skin and return it to its soft, silky form. There are a variety of over the counter solutions available, but making your own ultra-moisturizing balm is so easy!

This recipe contains simple ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft, silky and hydrated- even in the coldest months. It’s comes together in no time and is sure to be a favorite!

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You’ll need:

1 cup Shea Butter

½ cup Coconut Oil

½ cup Sweet Almond Oil

(optional) 1 TBS Vitamin E Oil

Mini Heremes Jars (optional)

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Another option to make your body butter even better is to add fragrance. This isn’t necessary as the body butter is amazing on its own, but adding a little fragrance oil or essential oil will leave your skin smelling as great as it will feel. For mine, I used Warm Vanilla Sugar. I love this fragrance in the winter because it’s a cozy and comforting scent without being overpowering. You can use whatever scent sounds good to you!

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Begin by combining the shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil in a heat-safe bowl.

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Place the bowl over a double boiler or similar set up (like I did here: the bowl is placed over a saucepan with about 2 inches of water in the bottom). Heat the ingredients slowly over medium-low heat.

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Stirring occasionally, the mixture will slowly melt together. When all traces of individual ingredients (lumps of coconut oil or shea butter) have dissolved, the mixture is done.


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Carefully remove the bowl from the heat and allow to cool slightly (10 minutes). Stir in the fragrance oil. I used 2 teaspoons of the Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance oil for a lightly scented lotion. If you’re planning on adding in a little vitamin E oil, you would do that at this time as well.

Place the bowl in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes. The mixture should begin to solidify, but not be completely frozen.

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Using an electric mixer (I just use my hand mixer), whip the chilled mixture until light and fluffy. Don’t worry, it will fluff right up!

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See?! Light, fluffy and silky in texture! It will look like a big bowl of butter cream frosting when it’s done.

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Scoop the body butter into jars with sealable lids (I love the mini heremes jars) and you’re done!

Wasn’t that easy? It’s so simple to make products at home that rival store bought items. And the best part is that you know exactly what ingredients your products contain! No harsh or harmful chemicals here!

This recipe filled two jars with a little left over. Feel free to double the batch to share with friends or to keep your skin hydrated all winter long!


Thick and Creamy Body Butter Recipe

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55 thoughts on “Thick and Creamy Body Butter Recipe

  1. I do not care for coconut oil because it takes away from the scent of most of my essential oil blends, do you have a good replacement suggestion, I have many other types of butters, but I do like the creamy consistency.

      1. If you use refined coconut oil it does not have a scent. The extra virgin coconut oil smells sort of like butter and is very hard to mask that scent. I found this out when making all natural deodorant. Now I use the refined coconut oil for all my projects and I don’t have to use very much of my expensive essential oil blends. I hope this helps you out.

        1. Perhaps Lavender Essential Oil or Peppermint Essential oil would mask coconut scent would work. These are rather strong scents.

  2. Thanks for the recipe. However, my oils never turned totally clear and it is taking over and 1 1/2 for the oils to solidify. Is this alright? Where can I find more good recipes using your products for CP Soap, Lotions, etc. with little to no chemicals.

    1. We mostly do recipes with melt and pour soap bases. You can click the applicable colored titles in the blog to locate the recipe your desire.

  3. You could try other carrier oil, but it will result in a vastly different, oilier consistency, since coconut oil is a “solid” oil. You can get refined coconut oil which has far less of the naturally occurring coconut aroma.

      1. Shouldn’t the shelf life be longer more like 2 years if there is nothing more then raw shea,Coconut Oil. Almond Oil and Vitamin E Oil as a natural preservative the shelf life of most of the ingredients used are 2 years or longer and your not heating them high enough to destroy the properties a little separation may happen with out constant use, But I would think 3 to 4 week is kind of short

        1. I’ve been making body butters using variations on this recipe for years. I have found that an unopened container will last longer than one year. Once opened, air starts to act on the oils and they will gradually go rancid–I believe it’s the carrier oil that goes rancid first. I tell my gift recipients to use within one year or toss it–just in case. And that is with NO preservatives. I bought the preservative recommended, but do not how how much or how to use it.

  4. Very disappointed, w/ this recipe. I purchased all the ingredients, followed the procedure, to the letter, the ingredients would not get thick or fluffy, it stayed in a liquid form. Now I am out $30.00 + for shipping and supplies. Very upset!!

    1. maybe you din’t let the oils cool long enough ,it has to cool for at list 15 to 20 minutes in the freezer, i made it and did not have any problems.

    2. It’s sounds like in don’t let it solidify long enough. The same thing happen me and just refreezed it then remixed it come out just fine.

  5. I put my creams in and out of the freezer to beat several times. Chill and beat at least three times. I have never had a problem with separating or loss of creaminess.

    1. Shelly, you’re saying that after you whip it the 1st time to put it back in the freezer for how long and then whip it again? Thanks.

  6. I did mine and it came out creamy but after leaving over night in the jar following ur process it turned all liquid the next day, can u help me out with that. I see some people put beeswax as another ingredient.

  7. You can also add arrowroot powder to help with the greasy effect. I did a very similar recipe and added arrowroot powder, Aragon oil, coco butter and some beeswax. Loaded it up with some LorAnn oils peppermint and Literally all my friends stole it. Everybody getting butter for xmas!

    1. how much of your items did you use? and was it in addition to the recipe or did you replace some of the items? If so, what did you replace?

  8. I tried this but mine did not come out creamy. It’s a cool whip texture. I was hoping for more of a butter texture. I only melted the coconut oil and then whipped my shea butter into it for a while. It’s not creamy! : ( But it’s not liquid. Exactly like cool whip only lighter.
    Any suggestions?

    1. I’m sorry to learn of this; did you put it in the freezer to harden a bit for around 15 to 20 minutes, then mix it using a mixer? If you can let me know the exact steps you did, it will help greatly.

  9. Hi! I made my body butter last night for the first time and since I didn’t have a mixer, I whisked it. But just a couple of minutes after I started whisking, it became hard. Is it advisable to re-melt it and try again? I put essential oils in it so I want to be cautious not to break down the EO constituents. Thoughts or advice? Thanks!

    1. You can try reheating it a bit then whisk again, but please be cautious since it already contains essential oil which can ignite.

  10. So I just made this. I was happy that it whipped up like the picture. Will be anxious to see if it stays that way. If so I will be making more for gifts. I used grape seed oil along with the coconut oil, a little vitamin e, Shea butter and for the essential oils I used lavender and peppermint. Smells great.

  11. So, I’ve tried this-but I want a creamy soft texture-mine always gets a bit hard. I hate greasy too… so how can I get fluffy without so much oil? Any ideas???

    1. You can try reducing the coconut oil to 1/4 cup; also, please ensure that shea butter, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil are heated and stirred as advised in the recipe. Let us know how it works!

    1. You can try applying a minimal amount to the skin, but any oils/butters on the skin (even your natural skin oil) can possibly stain clothes due to their composition; try these suggestions to possibly remove the stains from the clothes.

  12. Thanks for this recipe. I have one question though. Would the thickness be affected if I were to use fractionated coconut oil in this recipe? I already have this type of oil and would prefer not to buy another. I already ordered jojoba oil and plan on using it instead of almond oil.

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