Simple Potpourri Sachets Recipe

Simple Potpourri Sachets Recipe 1

Here’s a simple recipe for a GORGEOUS Mother’s Day gift that’s as fragrant as it is pretty!

Not only is potpourri a beautiful feature in home décor, it can also be used to scent your closet and clothing drawers.

Potpourri Sachets are an elegant way to keep drawers of delicates, closets of coats and bins of winter sweaters smelling lovely. They are just beautiful and SO easy to make!

Mom is sure to be impressed with this one! 🙂

Simple Potpourri Sachets Recipe 2

If you haven’t checked lately, Bulk Apothecary has a HUGE selection of botanicals! It’s almost too hard to narrow it down to just a few. Since this recipe is perfect for Mother’s Day, I went with a feminine color palette of pinks, purples, and neutrals. You’ll want to choose a mix of textures (not just petals) because the fragrance will absorb differently in different botanicals. Fixative pieces are the botanicals that will hold the fragrance better, so choose at least one (such as dried sage leaves, lavender, barks, or cinnamon sticks). The remaining botanicals can be selected based on color or appearance as they will serve as “filler” pieces.

Simple Potpourri Sachets Recipe 3

To add fragrance to the botanicals you can use either an essentials oil or a fragrance oil. Since I was preparing this recipe for sachets that will be placed with clothing, I used fragrnaces closer to perfumes rather than a fragrance that I would choose to scent my home.

Simple Potpourri Sachets Recipe 4

Mix all of the botanicals together. Aren’t they GORGEOUS?!?!

I used:

Lavender Ball Fruit

Natural Lily Petals


Natural Arjun (mini)

Pink Shola Rose 4cm

Purple Babu Cut 2”

Bleached Angel Wings

Lavender Tulip Flowers

Lilac Hibiscus Pods

Simple Potpourri Sachets Recipe 5

Spread the mixed botanicals out over a paper towel.

Simple Potpourri Sachets Recipe 6

To add the fragrance to the botanicals, you can do it two ways:

Either add drops of the fragrance or essential oil directly to the botanicals (use a dropper for easier control). 20 drops is a good starting point. You can add more if you feel it’s not fragrant enough.

Simple Potpourri Sachets Recipe 7

…OR mix the fragrance or essential oil with a small amount of water in a spray top bottle. Shake well to blend and then spray generously over the botanicals. I prefer this approach because I know the fragrance is more evenly distributed. In a 2 oz. bottle, I filled the bottom with about ½ inch of water and ½ oz. – 1 oz. of fragrance oil. I didn’t use the entire mixture but have it to use for the next blend I make.

Simple Potpourri Sachets Recipe 8

To absorb and retain the fragrance, the botanicals should be kept in a closed bag or lidded container for 1-2 weeks prior to use. You can package the scented botanicals in clear cello bags to use as potpourri (just place in a decorative dish and display in your home).

Simple Potpourri Sachets Recipe 9

Or, you can package the bags for Sachets. The botanicals will still need to be placed in the clear cello bag first. This will ensure that the recipient will be opening fragrant botanicals, not botanicals that have lost their scent. After placing a scoop of the botanicals in a clear bag, place the clear bag in an organza bag.

Simple Potpourri Sachets Recipe 10

Include a tag with instructions for the Sachet: Empty contents of clear bag into the organza bag and place in a clothing drawer or closet!


You can make this recipe and package it for porpourri or for sachets- whichever one you’d like! Either way you’ll be giving your mom (or any special lady in your life) a beautiful, sweetly scented gift that she’s sure to love!


Simple Potpourri Sachets Recipe 11


To make your own Potpourri Sachets, you’ll need:

Selection of Dried Botanicals (at least 5-6)

Fragrance or Essential Oil

Clear Cello Bags

White Organza Bags

2 oz. Bullet Bottle with Spray Top

Brown Kraft Labels



Simple Potpourri Sachets Recipe

Author: Cat

14 thoughts on “Simple Potpourri Sachets Recipe

  1. After spraying the EO/FO mixture on the botanicals, what stops them from molding once put in a cellophane bag? Don’t you have to let it air dry first?
    Just curious!
    P. 🙂

    1. Hi Patti!

      Mold is more likely to grow if water is present; however, you are free allow it to try before bagging it 🙂

    1. It should generally last around 2 months, but that varies based on the environment. You can revitalize the potpourri, if you notice that the scent isn’t as powerful as it was initially, by spraying vodka on it; keeping it dust free as possible; or by adding more fragrance to it.

  2. Hi,
    I have a question. I followed the instructions, and the potpourri is in a sealed container. I just realized that I only bought the cello bags and overlooked the satchets instructions. Is there any way that the fragrance could be emitted from the cello bags or I’ll need to buy the satchets as well?

    1. You can try punching small holes around the plastic bag; ideally you’ll need something a bit ventilated for the scent to throw.

  3. I’m making 200 5″x 5″ schets for a wedding…using only lavender. Trying to figure out how much bulk lavender I’ll need to purchase! Can you give me a guess-ta-ment? Thanks.

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