Recipe: White Pointsettia Soy Candles

Here is my dilemma: during the holiday season I love to display the appropriate holiday decor. This, of course, includes flowers and foliage. In the fall, its pumpkins and mums. In the winter, its pine and poinsettias. My problem? I have a little dog, whom I adore (as any dog owner does) and poinsettias are poisonous to animals. Bummer. And he’s a very curious little dog. He can’t just look at the poinsettia or walk past it without acknowledging it, he has to investigate it- as he does everything. So obviously I can’t fill my home with potentially dangerous foliage. BUT- I can fill it with the scent of the traditional winter flower and then strategically place some artificial ones around the house (no one will ever know the difference!). With this next candle recipe, I can keep my pup safe and still satisfy my need for holiday appropriate home fragrances! It’s a real winner in my book.

~White Poinsettia Soy Candles~

1 oz. White Poinsettia Fragrance Oil

1 lb. CB-Advanced Soy Candle Wax

Pre-waxed candle wicks

3 8oz Country Comfort Jars or 1 24oz Country Comfort Jar

First, prep your candle jars. You’ll need to place the wicks inside the jars and position the wicks in the center. To do this, you can use a glue dot or a dot of hot glue to affix the bottom of the wick to the inside of the jar (that way it won’t move around when you pour the hot wax into the jar). To make sure the wick stays straight, you can place a pencil or Popsicle stick on the top of the jar and tape the end of the wick to it to stabilize.

Next, melt the candle wax. 1 ounce of wax (about 5 cups) will yield about three 8 ounce candles or one 24 ounce candle. Using a double boiler, slowly melt the wax over medium heat, stirring during the melting process to ensure all wax pieces have completely melted. Since the recipe uses white poinsettia fragrance, I elected not to color this candle- but feel free to stir in a candle color block if you’d like to!

After removing the melted wax from the heat, stir in the fragrance oil, making sure that it’s completely blended throughout the wax. Pour the mixture into your prepped container (s) and allow to sit overnight before using. When you’re ready to burn your candles, just make sure to trim the wick so that it’s not sticking out of the container.


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