Recipe: Sweet Orange Bath Salts

I love giving bath salts as gifts. Bath salts are SUPER easy to mix up and look beautiful when packages in a jar and tied up with some ribbon and finished with a tag. Anyone would enjoy receiving a jar-and don?t let them fool you- even guys enjoy relaxing with bath salts after a long day!

This recipe is simple and can easily be customized to suite your color choice and desired scent. Perfect for a go-to gift when you’re in a pinch, or on a lazy Saturday morning when you feel like lounging in the tub before starting your day.

Today I’m mixing up a batch of sweet orange salts for a friend. I love the sweet, citrusy scent and the pale orange crystals look so pretty packaged in an apothecary or mason jar and tied with some twine! Orange is an uplifting scent sure to enhance anyone’s mood and it instantly lifts my spirits on a gloomy day! It’s sweet, fresh, and invigorating- a perfect combination!

So grab your supplies and let’s make a batch of beautiful salts!

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Sweet Orange Bath Salts

You’ll need:
– 1 cup Coarse Dead Sea Salt
– Orange Food Coloring (or a few drops of red mixed with a few drops of yellow)
Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Glass Apothecary Jar or Mason Jar

And you’ll do this:

1. Place the sea salt in a Ziploc bag and add 6-8 drops of the sweet orange essential oil (more or less depending on your desired strength of fragrance).

2. Seal the bag and shake to combine the salt and the essential oil.

3. Add a few drop of the food coloring, seal the bag, and shake. You can adjust the intensity of the coloring by using more or less drops of food coloring, depending on the look you’re going for. Like I said- this recipe is easy to customize!

4. Pour your colored and scented salts into the pretty jar you’ve decided upon, tie a little twine around it, make a beautiful label, and present it to your favorite friend…or just keep it all for yourself!

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