Recipe: Sweet Citrus Whipped Soap

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Hey Bulkers!!

This week I really wanted to focus on recipes that you can toss together in a pinch. It’s GORGEOUS outside and kids are out of school so we really don’t have a reason (or the time) to be cooped up in the house all day.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still whip up some delightful homemade goodies!

Scrubs, soft soaps, and soaks are quick, simple recipes that can be finished in a matter of minutes- and everyone enjoys them!

Here’s how I made this sweet, summery citrus soap that’s perfect for hot summer days:

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Start by gathering up your supplies. You’ll need:

1 cup Foaming Bath Butter (I LOVE this stuff!)

1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil

2 teaspoons Lemon Essential Oil

2 teaspoons Orange Essential Oil

The foaming bath butter comes in a solid form that you’ll need to whip in order to achieve the light, fluffy texture we’re looking for. I used my electric hand mixer and whipped the base on medium high speed- careful though, little soap bits WILL fly out!

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Next, add in the coconut oil and continue to beat the mixture on medium high speed until both ingredients are well incorporated. Yes, this IS a soap that we will essentially be rinsing off of our skin, but the benefits of the coconut oil will absorb while you’re lathering adding moisture into your skin.

The only thing left to do is scent our soap mixture. I love the lemon and orange combination. It’s sweet and fresh and smells like a summer fragrance!

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Continue to beat the soap until the essential oils have been incorporated into the mixture. Both the lemon essential oil and the orange essential oil are yellow, which makes the finished product a soft, pale color that’s just beautiful.

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I scooped my finished whipped soap into jars and printed some simple labels to finish the look. The entire project took me about 20 minutes- including clean up! Perfect for beautiful summer days when most of my time will be spent outside!


Recipe: Sweet Citrus Whipped Soap

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